10 best Android apps for couples

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If you are looking for an Android app to use with your partner, take a look at our list of apps for couples.

Couple apps can extend upon, or bring new features that can be handy exclusively for couples or be just a great game that helps you to know more about your partner.

So if you are looking to improve your relationship in one way or another, be it by knowing more about your partner due to insightful questions, or spending some time together trying something new, it may be good to take a look.

Which are some of the best Android apps for couples? There are tons of apps available, so I made a list of promising ones that you and your partner can give a try.

If your partner is not using Android, so one of you has a device with a different OS (like iOS), you may check if there is a version available and you can use the app even on different platforms, that's not unlikely.

These are great Android apps for couples:

  • Sumone - Couple Diary
  • The Couple
  • Desire - Couples Game
  • Between - Private Couples App
  • Been Together
  • Appy Couple
  • Couple Widget - Love Events
  • Love Nudge
  • Couply: The Free App for Couples
  • Trivia Crack

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Sumone - Couple Diary

This app has gained a lot of positive feedback, and it is constantly updated.

Sumone is an app for couples that has a mascot called Eggmon, that will ask you and your partner a question each day, the questions are focused on improving the relationship by bringing up topics that some couples often do not talk about.

Answering questions every day will make Eggmon grow, and the questions and answers are kept.

As mentioned, Sumone - Couple Diary has frequent updates and they accept user feedback, feel free to check Sumone out on Google Play.

The Couple

The Couple will let you write stories, record special dates, give you Android widgets.

You can use The Couple to keep any text or pictures saved on the app, as advertised, making it your own space for you and your partner.

The widgets provided by the app are clean and will look great on most lock screens (when your phone is locked asking for a password), but there are 3 widgets in total for different places.

As a note, when adding widgets to your lock screen, always be sure the emergency and any other action you need to be there is reachable and didn't bug out!

You can check The Couple on Google Play.

Desire - Couples Game

Desire is a great application to have fun with your partner.

Playfully, it will let you know more about your partner while having fun, as it works by sending or receiving dares.

When accepting and completing a dare on time, you get points that will unlock more content on the application.

There are hundreds of dares, so the app doesn't get repetitive, and although dares are a big part of Desire, the app's focus is to help couples stay connected, and there is more to it.

Desire offers a private chat for you and your partner, a journal to keep it your way, trophies, and a daily quiz.

The app is looking for feedback and has good reviews, you can check Desire on Google Play.

Between - Private Couples App

Between has a messaging feature for couples, having interactions that are focused on a couple's relationship.

You can also store your memories in a journal-like feature, keeping everything you love always there, for you and your partner to see.

The app has good reviews and is one of the most popular couple apps for Android out there. You can check Between - Private Couples on Google Play.

Been Together

Been Together is an app that shows you how long you have been with your partner.

The app gives you a widget for your "desktop", the notifications area, and the lock screen, so you can use which one you prefer if you want.

Being an easy and lightweight way to count the days you've been with someone, you can get Been Together on Google Play.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple is an app for the ones getting married.

You can select designs, invite guests and allow them to post messages, collect RSVPs, and more.

If you are getting married, take a look at Appy Couple.

Couple Widget - Love Events

Love Events will help you to remember important dates in your relationship. You can check all important dates on a complete calendar inside the app.

The widget is customizable, easy to use, and you can add pictures to it.

You can get Love Events on Google Play.

Love Nudge

Love Nudge is an app that will help you to develop habits to improve your relationship.

The app will let you connect with your partner, and from there you will have goals to accomplish, that can be something simple or a special time together.

Love Nudge has messaging for you and your partner, a way to learn more about each other's interests, and progress tracking.

You can check out Love Nudge on Google Play.

Couply: The Free App for Couples

Couply is an app that helps bring couples to close together.

The app has quizzes that will help you and your partner to understand each other better.

Couply can suggest date ideas for the couple to try new things and go out together, having also reminders for special dates of the relationship.

The app has a messaging system that brings new topics to the table, to create meaningful discussions about each other.

Another feature is the private photo album to share memories that are private to the couple.

Couply is available on Google Play.

Trivia Crack

This app is not just for couples, but it is a great game to play with your partner.

Trivia Crack is a game about answering a set of questions, having several topics with different questions that will test you and your partner's knowledge on these topics.

The game has different modes to be played, daily questions, missions, prizes, characters, and much more!

You can take a look at Trivia Crack on Google Play.

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