12 free Battle Royale games, the best of 2021

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Battle Royale games are great when done well, although we had disappointing releases that tried just to be the new Fortnite, the genre still has good titles, and some with interesting gameplay.

Fortnite's popularity certainly affected the genre negatively due to the "copy attempts", AAA games introducing unpolished Battle Royale games helped to low the quality of Battle Royales.

Fortunately, some game developers didn't give up on the category, in this article we will take a look at the best free Battle Royale games to give a try right now.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is, without doubt, one of the greatest Battle Royales out there, the game keeps on adding content, which makes even veterans come back to the game. Apex Legends has a good amount of legends that you can pick from, each one with different abilities and an ultimate ability.

The fast pace, unique characters, different mechanics, various unique maps, and the graphics quality of Apex makes it one of the favorite Battle Royale fans game.

Apex Legends steam page


Fortnite is still up, seasons keep coming, and gameplay features aren't left behind. Although not with the same popularity from the big hype it had, which is understandable, Fortnite remains the same great Battle Royale it always was. Fortnite is a fast-paced Battle Royale with good-looking cartoonish graphics, a big map, and different weapons and vehicles.

Fortnite isn't available on Steam, but you can get it on Epic Games

Call of Duty: Warzone

A great AAA Battle Royale with big popularity, Warzone is free, it has realistic graphics, is available for mobile and PC. Up to 150 players, Warzone is an action-packed Battle Royale, with a stunning atmosphere, vehicles, the game can guarantee hours of fun.

Warzone doesn't have a Steam page, you can access it here


Spellbreak is a magic-focused Battle Royale, the game is very creative with weapons, beautiful optimized graphics, and game modes that aren't frequently used by other games in the genre.

The gameplay has different possibilities and fights aren't dull, making the competitive experience never get old.

Spellbreak screenshot of a player using a spell on an enemy

Spellbreak steam page

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Do Totally Accurate Battlegrounds remembers you of something? A great game title? It definitely should spark your memory, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds will bring to the Battle Royale genre its awesome physics.

The game was released in 2018 and it has only gained popularity ever since its iconic graphics and hilarious gameplay bring a new look to the Battle Royale genre, allowing games with up to 60 players, 3 different game modes, 90+ weapons, and an atmosphere you love!

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds cover picture with different characters

Accurate Battlegrounds steam page

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown

Bro Falls is a more cartoonish and goofy-looking Battle Royale, it has room for up to 60 players, and to win you have to win every round and be the last player standing.

Bro Falls is similar to Fall Guys, but it's free and it has differences gameplay-wise.

Bro Falls steam page

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter has a great concept, the mobility introduced in the game is great and it has consistent gameplay, the game has good graphics and different mechanics to it.

One popular topic in the community is how you can crossplay computer and mobile, where desktop players talk about "killing mobile players in-game", this is something that didn't change since its release.

Cyber Hunter steam page

Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is a Battle Royale with good graphics and high mobility, you can use a glider, motorbike, a grappling hook, BMX, and more. A differential to Ring of Elysium is that your win condition is getting aboard a helicopter, something that looks like a small change but has a meaningful impact on the endgame.

Ring of Elysium steam page

Super Mecha Champions

This anime-style Battle Royale features the use of mechas, this is great for futuristic game lovers, having 10 mechas, customizations, different game modes, air combat. The game has good graphics and gameplay, and a growing fanbase.

Super Mecha Champions screenshot of a mecha above a building

Super Mecha Champions steam page

Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online brings back the classic nostalgia, but now you can compete against up to 64 players, outlasting everyone until you win the game.

Super Bomberman R Online has a 10$ DLC needed to unlock more features, but the base game is free, be aware of that, as other popular Battle Royales don't follow this transaction method. As many other Bomberman games are fan-made, it's worth noticing that Super Bomberman R Online was developed and published by Konami!

Super Bomberman R Online screenshot of a match with 3 players

Super Bomberman R Online steam page


Released in 2019 but still gaining popularity, CRSED is a Battle Royale with 7 different champions, different weapon types, vehicles, and mystical powers.

The game was previously called Cuisine Royale, champion's abilities are a great addition to CRSED's gameplay, alongside the butterfly/drone which is a way to uncover the enemy's positions. Having some negative community reviews lately, but still getting updates.

CRSED: F.O.A.D steam page

Zula Global

If you don't have an expensive computer to run high-quality graphics or unoptimized games, Zula Global is worth a shot, the game has low minimum requirements. Zula Global features real-world scenarios, has many different game modes.

Zula Global steam page

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