13 Minecraft mods you should take a look at [October 2021]

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Minecraft mods are a great way to add more content and enhance the Minecraft gameplay, there are tons of mods out there and you can modify the game as you wish. Let's take a look at some.

Minecraft mods are modifications for Minecraft, made by players who want to change the game, and then make these modifications available for others to download.

This list is for the Minecraft Java Edition, in the Java edition mods are made using Java, different than the Bedrock Edition, so these mods won't work for the Bedrock Edition.

Several mods can reach millions of downloads, and they are an incredible display of creativity from the Minecraft community.

The Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest is an exploration mod that will add a new dimension of fun into Minecraft.

The mod introduces new creatures, bosses, dungeons, and items.

The player can access the Twilight Forest by creating a portal, that has a similar mechanic to the Nether portal.

Creatures and bosses include a giant Ghast, a Lich, a Naga, a Minotaur, and much more!

The mod is moving to 1.17, and at the time of this writing, you can play it with Minecraft version 1.16.5.

Take a look at The Twilight Forest.


Waystones is a mod that adds an incredible feature to Minecraft.

When using a Waystone you will be teleported to the location of another Waystone, this is useful when you have long distances to travel but you want to save time on walking for a long time.

You can use Waystones as an alternative to using commands to warp or teleport you through the map, as they blend in on the gameplay in an interactive way.

Take a look at Waystones.

Xaero's Minimap

Xaero's Minimap is an excellent mod that will add a minimap to your user interface.

The mod successfully mimics Minecraft's style, adding a seamless minimap into the game.

The minimap has a lot of features, including being able to display entities nearby, custom waypoints that will optionally teleport you, zoom levels, custom shapes, and more.

Xaero's Minimap has over 20 million downloads and is frequently updated, you can take a look at its Curse Forge page.

Antique Atlas

If you don't want a minimap on your GUI, and instead you prefer an alternative to the Minecraft map item, you can try Antique Atlas.

Antique Atlas adds an in-game map that can be crafted, this one you can drag and drop or zoom, different than the built-in map.

The map has beautiful graphics and you can use it with texture packs that will allow it to support biome mods.

Check Antique Atlas at Curse Forge.

Mo' Creatures

Mo' Creatures is a popular mod that adds over 50 new creatures to Minecraft.

The mod was created by DrZhark on November 17, 2010, and still is one of the best mods to add new creatures into Minecraft.

Creatures included on Mo' Creatures can range from ants, birds, butterflies, ducks, maggots, grizzly bears, ogres, and snakes to big golems, crocodiles, komodo dragons, sharks, and even werewolves.

You can take a look at Mo' Creatures on its Curse Forge page.

Lee's Creatures

Minecraft players always love mods that add new content into the game, in special, creatures are never enough!

Mo' Creatures isn't the only good mod for more creatures, Lee's Creatures is another great option that will add mythical creatures and also weapons.

The mod is still a work in progress, and it doesn't add the crazy amount of creatures you get with Mo' Creatures.

Take a look at Lee's Creatures on Curse Forge.

Inventory Pets

Inventory Pets adds a different system than the usual way to have pets in Minecraft.

As the name suggests, your inventory pet will stay on your inventory, and they will give you different effects while they are there.

The effects are only valid on the part of the inventory that you can access with your hand, so there can only be 9 inventory pets "active" at a time.

You still have to feed your inventory pet! Take a look at Inventory Pets on Curse Forge.

Progressive Bosses

This mod will make Wither and the Ender Dragon harder each time you kill them.

Minecraft doesn't have a lot of bosses by default, this mod is a great way to increase replayability when facing the same bosses again.

Progressive Bosses on Curse Forge.


OptiFine is a mod focused on optimization.

The mod can potentially boost your FPS, allowing Minecraft to run smoother, not only that but it also adds a finer control over multiple settings.

OptiFine allows you to use shaders, HD textures, and tons of other neat features!

Take a look at OptiFine on its official website.

YUNG's Better Caves

YUNG's Better Caves is an overhaul of Minecraft's cave generation.

This mod makes exploring caves always a surprising adventure, as the caves can get crazier and crazier the deeper you go.

From the mod's page on Curse Forge: this mod adds lava caverns, underground lakes and rivers, flooded caverns, and more.

You can configure different aspects of the mod to tweak it as you wish, and it also plays well with other mods made by the creator.


This mod changes the Minecraft HUD by adding more information related to food.

The new information added by the mod includes saturation and exhaustion, potential health healed, and potential hunger restoration.

Take a look at AppleSkin on Curse Forge.

Pam's HarvestCraft

This mod adds 80 new crops, 50 fruits, 19 fish, and overall more than 1400 new items and foods.

If you like the harvesting part of Minecraft, this mod is a great way to add more features to it.

Take a look at Pam's HarvestCraft on Curse Forge.

The above link is for Pam's HarvestCraft 1, which won't update past Minecraft 1.12.2.

If you use a newer version of Minecraft, consider taking a look at Pam's HarvestCraft 2.

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 is a complete reboot of the original mod, and different from the original, you can add a mod for the features you want.

With HarvestCraft 2 you can have the features you want, nothing more, and nothing less!

Just Enough Items (JEI)

JEI is a mod that adds search functionality to Minecraft, it has over 100 million downloads.

You can use JEI to browse items and recipes, and that includes the ones added by other mods that you're using.

JEI has over 1800 pages of dependants on Curse Forge, these are mods or modpacks that depend on JEI to work.

You can take a look at JEI on Curse Forge, if you are using a mod pack, you often will already have JEI installed!

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