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Idle games to play on your browser

Idle games as the name says, are games that you can play with minimal effort due to the few controls needed to play the game, usually being just the left click of your mouse, that's from where the name "clicker" comes from. In this list, we will show interesting idle or almost idle games that require little controls to play, and although some are easy to play and follow a chill atmosphere, some will still go to the challenging side of gaming and put your decision making to test, it shows how limited controls won't always mean limited challenge.

A lot of big titles in idle games are exclusive for desktop, or especially, won't run in your browser, so we decided to come up with a list of games that will easily run in your browser, and sadly this will keep a lot of good idle games out of the list even if they used to run in the browser due to Adobe flash player games being shutdown. All games on the list are supposed to run without effort, just by opening the link below them, keep in mind however that those are external web pages and we have no relation to them.


Idlescape is a unique idle MMORPG, it has everything you expect to find in an RPG game: farming, monsters, weapons, and bosses. You can start exploring for free and take a look at Idlescape!

Website: https://idlescape.com/


NGU is a fun idle game that you can also play for free, the game may look complicated at first but it has an in-game tutorial that will guide you through it. NGU is an RPG that mixes active and idle playstyles.

Website: https://www.kongregate.com/games/somethingggg/ngu-idle

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an addicting breakout game in which you will automate the process of playing a breakout game, spend your resources in more balls to break the bricks for you, and become the ultimate brick lord. The game also mixes the active playstyle which is very useful at the start.

Website: https://kodiqi.itch.io/idle-breakout


Orchard is a short fun idle-pixel art game where you will grow a tree from a seed, the game uses life as the points needed to improve your tree and its surroundings, take a look and see how much life you can get.

Website: https://jackoatley.itch.io/orchard

Idle Idol

A game about resource management, in Idle Idol you grow a cult where you will have to build temples and manage space to achieve a high number of followers. The game has a very chill atmosphere enhanced by a calm song.

Website: https://daz.itch.io/idle-idol


Vogue is a rogue-lite clicker made with 1 bit, the game is also very unique, has an awesome soundtrack that fits its style, and an interesting adventure to go through, you need to manage when to use your items and keep clicking as you go through the game.

Website: https://morphinegames.itch.io/vogue

If you think a game must be added to this list please feel free to contact us, there's a lot of idle games out there!

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