7 free indie web games to play right now

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Die in The Dungeon

Die in The Dungeon is a turn-based rogue-lite where you use dices, with 20 floors to go and logic decisions to make, it is a challenging little game.

Die In The Dungeon gameplay gif showing a frog picking dice options

Die in The Dungeon is available on itch.io.


Roborazzi will test how efficient you can be as a paparazzi, the game has a neat style and a very fun gameplay.

Roborazzi gameplay gif

The game is available on itch.io.

Friday Night Funkin'

Exceptionally cool indie game, with a gameplay that can remember games like Guitar Hero, this game offers challenge and well designed characters.

The game is available on itch.io.

Village Arsonist

In Village Arsonist you only have one goal, getting revenge on the village that wronged you, by burning it. The game has a gameplay of puzzles in which you'll have to find a way to cause more damage as possible.

Village Arsonist gameplay screenshot, showing a house on fire

You can play it on itch.io.

Sort the Court!

This is a very popular game, the premise in this game is very interesting, it has been explored many times but it is very well done, you can only pick between yes or no, as the king, and your choices will determine your fate. The soundtrack is amazing as well.

Screenshot of Sort the Court! showing initial dialogs

The game is available on itch.io.


Minivania, a small metroidvania.

Gif showing Minivania

You can play it here.

Super Smash Flash 2

Although you may not be able to play it depending on your browser, SSF2 is one of the most complete web games, it has an incredible replay-ability and it's been developed for a long time.


You can find out how to play it on it's own website.

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