9 Best Android Visual Novels to play in 2021

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There are a lot of great visual novels for desktop and other platforms, but what about Android? Let's take a look at the best visual novels to play on Android.

This list has appealing titles that you can play on your Android device, which focuses on engaging stories and gameplay to give you a good time on your mobile.

Not all of the games added are on Google Play, but most of them are, some are free and some are not, but remember that the free games often have ads, but hopefully not on an exaggerated amount.

I didn't include technical requirements, as I believe most games will run fine on most devices, this genre isn't known for using too many system resources, and on the other hand, older games made for an older Android version may show problems on newer versions.

If you know a great addition to the list, feel free to contact us!

Misadventures of Laura Silver

Misadventures of Laura Silver is an award-winning visual novel available for Android. The game takes place in Czechoslovakia in 1935, where you will play a paranoid detective named Laura Silver, who is joined by Orewell Cooper, a former police officer, to investigate a mythical beast.

Having a rich plot, with stunning visuals, Misadventures of Laura Silver is a gem to play on mobile.

Misadventures of Laura Silver on Google Play


Pechka is a game based on real historical events, it takes place in the far east of Russia during the early 20th century. The plot is a drama and it is described as heartbreaking.

The game goes beyond the usual visual novel mechanics, it has interactive mechanics, well-developed characters, plays great on mobile, and has a good soundtrack.

Pechka is developed by MazM, a studio that appears to have great reviews on its games and that players love.

You can play Pechka for free on Google Play

Underworld Office

Underworld Office is a chat-style adventure game where you can choose answers that will impact the flow of the story, drawing and animations are well done, and it feels like a lot of passion was put into it.

It has great reviews on Google Play, that talk about its awesome storylines, and many different aspects of the game that are on point.

You can play Underworld Office for free on Google Play

Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors

The story begins with rumors posted on a secret forum managed by the school's newspaper club, but these rumors turn out to become reality.

The game is free but not bloated with ads, it's thrilling and has beautiful artwork. Being also interactive helps to create an immersive experience that is followed by its spooky mood.

Two anime characters from Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors having a conversation

You can play Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors for free on Google Play

Normal Me and Abnormal Friends

Normal Me and Abnormal Friends is a beautiful looking mobile visual novel, it tells the story of a boy who joined a club that is formed by a demon and a witch, you will have to help them to learn how human society works, and their way of graduating from high school.

The reviews love Normal Me and Abnormal friends praise the game originality, the endings, the art, and pretty much everything else! Although some reviews talk about the game being translated to English, it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

You can play Normal Me and Abnormal Friends for free on Google Play

Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde is another thrilling drama visual novel by MazM, which also happens to be loved and well received by the players.

The game is based on Jekyll and Hyde's original story, which is set in 19th century London, bringing a wonderful and rich mysterious adventure, with beautiful artwork and music.

You can play Jekyll & Hyde for free on Google Play


EDDA Café is a wholesome visual novel where you play Mina, a girl who struggles to move on from her past, as she lost someone dear to her and blames herself.

 The game has authentic stylish artwork and a plot that will touch your heart.

If you enjoy slice of life and originality in your visual novels, take a look!

EDDA Café is available for free on itch.io


The acclaimed visual novel is also available for Android!

STEINS;GATE is a visual novel focused on the structure of time traveling, with rich character development and plot, having various endings.

As a note, the game is not free on Android as well, and this port is only available in Japanese, although users indicate that you can patch it to English, something not offered in the game.

Check STEINS;GATE on Google Play

The World Ends With You

Developed by the same developers of Kingdom Hearts, this game is another visual novel with a rich story and developed characters, being critically acclaimed.

The World Ends With You tells the story of Neku Sakuraba, in a world where players of a game are brought to an alternate reality, Neku is one of them, and he and his friend will need to fight for their life. The game has good quality, as it is full HD, with beautiful locations that resemble the Japanese culture, and it got very positive reviews.

As a note, some reviews indicate that the game is made for older Android versions.

Check The World Ends With You on Google Play

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