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Sometimes we want to go back to nostalgia, but on our mobile devices. What are some great retro pixel art stylized games available on Android?

This can be quite a subjective topic, as we want to list some games that have a nostalgic feel to them, and only pixel art ones.

Retro games do live with some advantages: fans who love the style of this kind of game, and always look for more, and the ability to run on most devices without a problem!

Although there appear to be "many" classic games on Google Play, sadly many aren't polished as we think or have way too many ads, so if you have suggestions for the list or even a game you made yourself, let me know!

Many of the retro games on the list can be played offline, as they don't require internet access, being a great addition to your offline games collection.

As a further note, not all games have the same retro look, if they have retro gameplay and are pixel art games(with a somewhat retro style), they can be added to the list.

Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask has beautiful pixel art graphics, resembling retro games with its vibrant colors on a black background.

The game is generated procedurally, which means that you will face unique challenges ahead!

Traps and enemies are your obstacles, being a challenging game, with several mechanics that will keep you trying to get higher and higher on this vertical maze.

Tomb of the Mask is free on Google Play

Phoenix Retro Arcade

This game brings back the asteroids feel, but with its theme and gameplay.

Phoenix Retro Arcade is a retro shoot'em up where you will face birds, phoenix, and a mother ship!

The scoring system is as retro as possible and the game delivers well what it offers.

Phoenix Retro Arcade is available for free on Google Play

Super Cobra

A combat helicopter retro game! With the vibrant colors you love, and the casual helicopter gameplay, it has 11 different levels and you will fight different enemies on the air, including aliens.

Cobra helicopter going through a tunnel

Super Cobra is available for free on Google Play

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a roguelike, that although it has a not so much retro color palette, it gives you that retro feeling! The game is turn-based, and you play with a party of 3 characters, and as you play your characters will level up, unlocking new skills.

As a roguelike, some mechanics are challenging, but the game isn't that punishing to the players, being a great choice not only for players looking for a challenging experience but also for the casual ones.

The Gauntlet is available for free on Google Play

Moonrise Arena

You will notice that this game doesn't have that big retro look like the others, but the gameplay and the systems can spark that retro feeling.

Moonrise Arena is a great action RPG for mobile, it has 20 locations and multiple difficulties, and the game can get very challenging as you progress.

The systems in the game are well put together, the monsters are unique, and there are true more unique enemies that can spawn.

Inventory system of Moonrise Arena

Overall the game is everything you could ask for on a mobile RPG, with that retro gameplay.

You can play Moonrise Arena for free on Google Play


The classic is available on Android! And this game is developed by BANDAI NAMCO.

Although it goes beyond the original and it has also vector graphics(not in gameplay), the game still feels like the original. Now it has a story mode!

You can play PAC-MAN for free on Google Play

Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro

This game attempts to revive the classic snake, the one that was available in old phones back then.

Nothing much to talk about it, the game you know and love!

You can play Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro for free on Google Play

Retro Jumping Frog

The beautiful jumping frog game.

This is the game where you play as a frog, and your goal is to cross a road, avoiding the traffic and then going through some trunks being dragged by a river.

Retro Jumping Frog screenshot showing the frog waiting on the road

If you played a game similar before you will definitely remember this classic.

Retro Jumping Frog is available for free on Google Play


If you miss playing a great pong game, Pong is for you, being a gem to keep on your smartphone.

A pong game, on Android, with no ads, and free! Pong!

Pong is available, completely free on Google Play

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