Best Christian Steam games

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Gaming can approach different themes and histories, through time Christian games got into Steam, let's take a look at some titles that go over religious themes.

As a notice, there is no satire or irony in this article, I will attempt to list some of the great Christian Steam games released.

Some of the games may not be focused on being a Christian game, but rather has some religious aspect to them or a good lesson, you will notice that there are not many games over this theme after all.

If there is a title that would be a good addition to the list, please let me know.

Shepherd of Light

Shepherd of Light is a game published by John Paul the Great Catholic University and developed by Bad Seahorse. This is the only game by Bad Seahorse available on Steam at the time of this writing.

Shepherd of Light is a free intuitive puzzle with awesome visuals, which tells the story of a young shepherd who loses his sheep, and through puzzles, he must try to rescue the sheep.

Shepherd of Light screenshot showing the shepherd and a sheep

You can play it for free on Steam, the game has overwhelmingly positive reviews and it is not without a reason, it is a very creative idea that fits well with the gameplay.

Kings of Israel

Kings of Israel is a strategy-turn-based game that can provide challenging gameplay but is also able to adapt to a casual playthrough.

The evil grows after each turn, and through strategy and critical thinking, you can keep going for more difficult battles.

If you recognize the name from somewhere, Kings of Israel is based on a board game with the same name.

Kings of Israel is available on Steam

Paladin Dream

Paladin Dream is a good choice if you enjoy games with a rich well-developed story.

The game has RPG style and gameplay, using turn-based combat, it has a unique soundtrack and per its Steam page, it follows a religious mythological setting.

The plot is about Josiah the paladin, who recently has a dream every night, where he duels against a mysterious warrior and loses.

Paladin Dream is available on Steam

John Christian

John Christian is a game developed by Carlos Martins, the game tells the story of a young man who searches for imprisoned life.

The game has action and adventure gameplay elements as you will face different enemies on your path.

John Christian may have content that is not recommended for children, as it goes over certain sins that are obstacles to the young man's adventure.

You may notice that the audio is not available in English, but its interface and subtitles translations in English, the audio on the game in Brazilian Portuguese.

John Christian is available on Steam

Why there isn't a lot of Christian games on Steam?

The short answer is: I don't know!

I believe there is a small window of developers who create Christian games, not only that but it could be hard to align religion-based themes to gameplay, in an honest and good way.

Telling any story in another format, or making a game using certain themes can be difficult, but there isn't anything bad about that, as long as the few games around it are respectful.

Hopefully, this list will help someone looking for a few Christian titles, I recommend taking a look at Steam curators for more.

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