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If you have a friend or relative who plays or wants to start playing Final Fantasy XIV, what are some gift ideas for this person?

Well... do not fear, in this article, we will take a look at some gift ideas for your Final Fantasy XIV fan friend or relative, be they a new player or a veteran, or even someone who still wants to get started in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV time card

This is more of a "safe gift" in case you cannot decide what to buy for your relative.

Final Fantasy XIV requires a subscription to play the game, this is often bought digitally, you can give your friend a sweet surprise by buying them game time yourself.

The card is digital, so if you have a limited time left to buy your friend something, this might be ideal, as you won't have to wait for any shipping.

Click here to buy 60 days of Final Fantasy XIV game time through our Amazon affiliate link.

Cactuar Plush

If you want to give your friend something less digital and more usual, you can take a look at this Cactuar Plush by Square Enix.

The Cactuar is a low-level creature that turned out to become quite of a mascot of the series, depending on the starting zone of the player, it is one of the first creatures you will fight.

You can get a Cactuar Plush on Amazon, or its bigger version through our affiliate link.

Cactuar Socks

This might be a good idea for a Christmas gift, but it still will be a good surprise for any situation.

These socks are a unisex gift, and they are "one size fits all", this can avoid the nightmare with clothing products where it does not fit your friend.

The design can be minimalistic and clever at the same time, it's a simple pattern with high-contrast colors.

Click here to buy Cactuar Desert Socks through our Amazon affiliate link.

The game itself

For a friend that currently plays the free trial or a friend who is interested in the game, you can gift them the game itself!

Final Fantasy XIV requires a base game and then expansions for you to play the full game.

The expansions might not be needed when starting, as they are for content that will be played later on in the game.

Here are some options for gifting a Final Fantasy XIV copy to your friend:

The above links are Amazon affiliate links, please note that when buying the game for your friend you have to know if their platform is supported as some codes might be only for PC.

If your friend is on PS4, there is also a starter edition for PS4 (affiliate link) that offers basic access to the game without the latest expansions.

If you get a starter edition or any base game code, do not worry, players can upgrade their Final Fantasy XIV edition by buying more expansions later on.

Another option for gifting the game is to gift it on Steam, be aware that some players don't recommend the Steam version, but it is a good option if you can get a regional price for the game, depending on where you live.

Final Fantasy XIV Alisaie and Alphinaud minion figures

A figure is a generous gift for a Final Fantasy XIV fan.

Final Fantasy XIV has several main characters that the player interacts with in the story, and these characters accompany you through the game, where you learn more about them and the world of Final Fantasy.

Alphinaud is an important character in the game, he is often giving quests to the player, and because the player meets with him early on, his figure as a gift is a good idea.

Alisaie is the twin sister of Alphinaud, and she is a recurring character in the series, she shares some traits with Alphinaud but both have their personality, they met with the player at the same time, so she is also a good idea for a figure gift.

It is hard to say which character your friend likes the best, you might consider asking them!

Click here to buy the Alisaie Leveilleur Minion, and here to buy the Alphinaud Leveilleur Minion through our Amazon affiliate link.

Y'shtola minion figure

Y'shtola is another character essential for the story of Final Fantasy XIV.

She is a special kind of conjurer so you will notice that her statue has a staff, she is an especially serious character in the game and always bring sense to chaotic situations.

Iconically, Y'shtola also protects her friends and others when they need the most, making her an admirable character to Final Fantasy XIV fans.

You can buy the Y'shtola Figure on Amazon, or get a Y'shtola action figure through our affiliate links.

Tataru minion figure

Tataru is a popular character and she is also around since early on in the game.

I do not want to accidentally give any spoiler, however, you can know that Tataru is a friendly Lalafell who is part of the good guys in the game, she is a receptionist for them, at least initially.

You can buy the Tataru Figure on Amazon through our affiliate link.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - The Art of Reflection

The books of The Art of Reflection set are high-rated, it's a two-volume set of artwork books that are praised by the fans for the high quality presented.

One great thing about the book set is that even if your friend does not like to read, it still can be a great gift as the focus are the illustrations and it is also a good gift for anyone interested in AAA game art.

You can get The Art of Reflection - Histories Forsaken (Volume 1) and The Art of Reflection - Histories Unwritten (Volume 2) on Amazon through our affiliate link.

The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook: The Essential Culinarian Guide to Hydaelyn

This is a very popular entry among gifts so I assume you may know about it.

But I think this Cookbook deserves to be on every list about Final Fantasy XIV gifts.

The way this cookbook can bring the game into real life is very special and it will be a great gift for any friend that likes to cook.

It teaches you game recipes to cook in real life, and it has a Final Fantasy XIV layout.

Even if your friend has no cooking skills, you might be able to teach them something about cooking or help them get started.

Click here to buy The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook: The Essential Culinarian Guide to Hydaelyn through our Amazon affiliate link.

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