5 Best LED lighting for gaming room

Purple and pink desktop lighting

Photo by Chuck Fortner on Unsplash

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If you've watched YouTube and Twitch streamers before, you may have noticed that some have colorful rooms with different lights.

Some of them prefer lighting that changes over time or a constant lighting color that sets a specific mood in the atmosphere, this trend is not exclusively for games, people appreciate lights in different colors.

Light and color have an essential impact on how an environment is designed, and sometimes a tiny touch can change how you perceive the space around you.

Without further due, let's understand if these LED lights are suitable for your room and take a look at some products that may be a good purchase.

Should I buy LED strips or LED bars?

If you want to decorate your room with RGB lighting, there are two excellent options available for you: strips and bars.

LED strips are portable, can be placed almost anywhere, and will give you flexibility with the placement of your lighting, this is because they are exactly what the name says, sticky stripes of light for you to put anywhere.

LED bars are a bit different, you leave them at a spot pointing to somewhere, if the model can be attached to walls it may require some setup to do so, more than LED strips.

Unless you have a personal preference, a common option is to buy LED strips unless you live in an apartment or have some restrictions with the strips.

If you cannot be fixing strips on your walls, the LED bar will be ideal for you because you can leave it sitting somewhere brightening your day.

Are strip and bars LED lights safe?

I cannot give safety advice for these products, I believe they may go through some regulation depending on the country you are from, however, it is always good to consult a professional to assist you with a specific purchase you made.

My general advice is to have the general care that you should have with electronic devices, avoid water, and for the LED strip lights there appear to be issued if you connect them while they are in the roll.

But without being able to stress it enough, always do research for the specific product you are buying and check with a professional who can provide safety advice.

Tenmiro LED strip lights for bedroom

The Temiro LED Lights are a popular pick for LED strips.

The product model is sold in different lengths which allows you to buy the best fit for you, and these are its main features:

  • Music sync that will adjust the light accordingly with the music you are listening to, it will change as the beat goes and you can see more about this in the app
  • Remote control(comes in the package) and app control
  • Because you can pick a good range of lengths, this product may be able to provide you coverage for places that others may not if you have a large room
  • The product is incredibly popular which allows you to find more information and people who use it
  • Comes with power cords (unfortunately, this is a feature these days!)

This model of Temiro LED lights has the essential light strips and allows you to turn your room into RGB without complicated setups and configurations.

Click here to buy the Temiro LED strip lights on Amazon through our affiliate link.

Nexillumi waterproof LED strip lights

These strips have everything needed for room illumination and they are waterproof.

Not only waterproof but they mention a power supply in line with UL safety certification

Let's check the features:

  • Music sync
  • Remote control and app
  • Waterproof
  • Low voltage in line with UL Safety Certification
  • Can be used outdoor
  • Dynamic modes for you to choose from, natural light or more bright
  • Comes with a power adapter

The Nexillumi strip lights seem to have all the core features needed while giving you waterproof and quality modes that should not be overlooked.

Click here to buy the Nexillumi waterproof LED strip lights on Amazon through our affiliate link.

Marlrin 2-Pack RGB floor lamp

This is a "light bar" that can be placed anywhere, you plug the power supply and use it, simple as that!

It has a minimalistic design and all the essential features you would expect, these include:

  • Music sync
  • DIY with 16 million colors
  • Remote control and Bluetooth app
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Power plug included
  • It has 2 bars of light instead of a single one
  • 360° (light in all directions

These lights have all the core features extended with more quality overall, the adjustable lighting, for example, can help you to have full control over how much of the colored light is emitted in your room and can allow creative combinations.

Click here to buy the Marlrin 2-Pack RGB floor lamp through our Amazon affiliate link.

KEISKEI Smart Corner floor lamp

The KEISKEI Smart Corner floor lamp is a different kind of bar light that can be ideal for gamers, although its use is not limited to that.

You can place this lamp in the corner of your room, or somewhere discrete, and let it give your room a colorful light, without attacking your eyes like Discord light mode.

For the features:

  • Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible
  • DIY with 16 million color modes
  • App control
  • Media sync
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Power plug included

This corner lamp looks great for gaming rooms as it is equipped for a complete indoor experience.

Click here to buy the KEISKEI Smart Corner floor lamp through our Amazon affiliate link.

Cololight RGB Light for Gaming PC

I know I only talked about light strips and bars so far, but hexagon lights deserve a spot here.

Hexagon lights are similar to the strips, they have, however, a distinct look, and as each product is different they can have different features.

For this model from Cololight, you get:

  • Music sync
  • App control
  • USB connection / Power cable
  • Alexa, Google Assistant, Stream desk, and Razer Synapse 5 are compatible
  • 10 pieces of hexagon
  • 16 million colors
  • Brightness and speed adjustment

As you may have noticed from the feature list, these lights have a USB connection which others may not offer.

Click here to buy this model of Cololight RGB Lights through our Amazon affiliate link.

How to have a nice lighting setup?

Buying products that allow you to have a different kind of lighting is good, however, when setting up a room you will have to try different colors and placements to see what works for you.

Take a look at the desktop picture at the beginning of this article, that photo by Chuck Fortner captures a great setup, and you can see the creativity used in having the whole room illuminated with a purple color, and the desktop has a pink shade that creates a good combination.

A simple pick of color can differentiate a good setup from an awesome lighting setup.

Blue lighting next to a PC setup

Color theory is something that would greatly help you to choose your colors, but that might be a bit too much just to set up your room lighting.

I will recommend you a few tools to get good colors right away:

  • Adobe Color: This will give you a color wheel and it will automatically give you a set of colors that match the color you chose
  • uiGradients: This is a website often used for UI design, but the color gradients there are nice even for a room
  • Eggradients: This website also has a nice set of gradients, they are displayed in the shape of an egg
  • Pinterest: A great way to find inspiration and color ideas

But as always, you can find what works for you and it is what matters, inspiration is good, and these colors can be a good starting point.

What are smart Alexa/Google Assistant RGB lights?

Don't worry if you don't understand what Alexa or Google Assistant is.

If you see that one of the lights is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, this generally means that you will be able to use voice commands to control the light.

Some models will give you full control, allowing you to change the light color, and brightness, turn it off, and so on, all with voice commands.

This does not mean that you won't be able to control your RGB lights using a remote control, or an app if they are available, it only means that the device is compatible with this technology.

You can check more about Alexa by clicking here, this is an Amazon affiliate link for the 4th generation Echo Dot.

You can use Alexa and Google Assistant with different products, so for Alexa, you only have to buy it once to use it with many smart products.

There are more out there!

There are tons of different RGB LED light models, this is what motivated me to create an article on it as I got very confused on the topic when I first had an interest in lighting.

Separating the category into light strips and bars help to clarify how they are going to be used, the strips will be placed on the walls with ease while the bars excel as a standalone placed somewhere in your room.

Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into RGB Lighting products and allows you to find what suits your room best, giving you some colorful brightness.

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