Best traps on Minecraft: Easy and effective

Minecraft pressure plate trap

Source: Minecraft screenshot

Making traps in Minecraft has become a work of art, what are the best traps you can make in Minecraft? Let's take a look!

For this guide, we will look at easy and effective traps, which you can do in a survival world, be it to prank your friends, defend your house, or even attack your enemies.

Pressure Plate TNT

This is probably the most simple trap you can make, but in certain scenarios, it can be effective.

This trap is made by digging into the floor, placing one or more TNTs, closing the hole you made, and placing a pressure plate above it.

Minecraft pressure plate trap

Once an innocent player steps on the pressure plate, it will activate the TNT.

The pros of this trap are that it is easy and quick to make, and you can set it up in any situation.

The cons of this trap are that it is so basic that experienced players will spot the pressure plate as usual, and even if you place it next to a door, to trick the person, it will still trigger the TNT clue sound.

Fake water trap

A fake water trap is a trap that convinces an unaware player to jump into a hole, thinking that there is a safe landing awaiting him.

The trap does not necessarily need to kill the player, sometimes making the player land in a pit with no way back is punishment enough.

For this trap, you need a bucket of water and a sign.

Dig a pit that is several blocks deep, and place the sign at the bottom, and you can then place the water on top of the fight.

Fake water trap using a sign

Due to how Minecraft physics works, the water won't fall under the sign, this means that the water will only temporarily hold the player.

You can then dig further down, and place lava, assuring that the player will fall and won't be able to go back to the water after he is on fire.

Alternatively, you can surround the place with lava, or obsidian, so the player will be trapped forever, but in that case, you don't need the fake water.

Another way of making the fake water trap is to use Blue Wool, or Lapis Lazuli to mimic water, with that the player will take fall damage and die.

You can also sabotage elevators to apply the fake water trap, making them deadly elevators.

Block baiting traps

This trap makes the use of a block that the player you wanna kill is interested in.

Although it can be a rare block to attract the victim, you also can do it with the first block of a tree.

To create a block baiting trap you need an observer, place the observer facing the block you want the observer, and place TNT on the other side.

If the player breaks the block, the TNT will activate.

If you don't have experience with observers: make sure the "face" of the observer is facing toward the block to be observed. The red dot in the observer is what will be activated with Redstone, for us it will be TNT.

Luring trap

Luring mobs to your friend's house can be a good way to prank him.

One pro of luring is that if someone accuses you of making a trap, there isn't enough proof.

If you are in a PVP server it can be a good way to plan an attack on an enemy base, if you aren't caught luring the mobs.

A good creature to lure is the creeper, they don't despawn on daylight, and you can accumulate a bunch of them.

Chest trap

Using a chest for a trap is a classic.

You can use a Trapped Chest to make the chest emit a Redstone signal when opened.

With the signal, you can make the chest activate a TNT or any kind of trap.

If you make it in your house, the TNT might explode or damage your house in ways you don't want, so alternatives for TNT are great.

The YouTuber Puredominace has a clever guide on how to make a pitfall trap with the Trapped Chest, so you can drop the player to their death or lava, and so on.

Sculk impossible trap

This is an awesome concept that was posted on Reddit by user u/maxiface.

It consists of a trap that will detonate if you try to disarm it.

Skulk TNT trap

Source: maxiface

If you want to prank your friends, for example, make this trap in the middle of their house, he will try to clean the mess, and if he does not know how to disarm it, it will end with an explosion.

Another user posted a clever video showing how to disarm it properly.

The trap makes use of the Sculk Sensor, a sensor that detects vibration, this is what makes it so hard to be disabled, there are two sensors.

Wool can be used to stop part of the vibration detection, that's why it is used to disarm the trap.

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