Dead by Daylight 2: Why we haven't heard about it

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Dead by Daylight was released in 2016, so the game is 6 years old in 2022, this makes fans wonder if we are getting a Dead by Daylight sequel.

The urge for sequels is caused by an industry that on many occasions, creates new games for already existing titles, with minor or a few relevant changes only.

Examples of games like that are sports games, like FIFA, or games like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed, that although get big changes, are still the same franchise.

No sequel for Dead by Daylight

For now, there is no plan for Dead by Daylight 2, this is confirmed in a discussion with the game director on ShackNews, and another interview with TheLoadout where he states that there will be no sequel, as it makes sense to update the title instead.

In the interview with ShackNews, the director says:

"As far as BHVR as a studio, we do have a few other ideas, that we hope we can bring to people in the future. Some interesting things. Let's say we have done something with Dead by Daylight, with the Asymmetrical Multiplayer that hasn't been done in that way for sure in the past"


"We hope to impress people with games they didn't know could be"

So although we do not have any expectations of a sequel, we can keep our eyes open for new projects from BHVR studio.

Is it better if Dead by Daylight doesn't have a sequel?

Sequels are not always needed, and from what we can get from multiple interviews with Dave Richards, it looks like it makes sense that Dead by Daylight doesn't get a sequel, at least not for now.

Dead by Daylight has been getting free graphics overhauls in the last year, and the game is constantly updated, so if developers maintain the title well, a sequel would be almost the same game.

One example of a sequel similar to the original is Overwatch 2. OW2 was criticized by some of its fans, due to its similarity to the original Overwatch.

Being a different title, but too equal to the first one, makes the casual player base feel like they are playing the same game.

How Dead by Daylight 2 would be?

Knowing that it won't happen, we can try to theorize how the sequel would or should be, using some statements from the community forum.

One user states that the progress of Dead by Daylight 1 should remain, the skins you bought, and so on should remain, as some users have spent a lot of money on skins, and they would like it to carry over.

Some complaints are about the game code in general, and net-code so that would be thought again, so we would expect fewer bugs, especially synchronization issues.

Most of the users suggest that there is no need for a sequel, and some even compare a sequel to what Overwatch 2 turned out to be.

Some want reworks in certain aspects, and gameplay changes, while others want the gameplay to remain the same.

I would expect it to be the "Overwatch 2 sequel style", and that's why I agree that updates and optimizations in the current title, are better than creating a new game. 

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