Dead by Daylight: Cannot retrieve list of available content. Please try again later.

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How to fix the "Cannot retrieve list of available content" error on Dead by Daylight?

This error will show you a message on Dead by Daylight's main menu and possibly anywhere else, making you unable to play the game.

To save your time, if you got here after a Dead by Daylight update, or a massive increase of traffic, or an event like that, the servers are probably down.

To make sure that you're not the only one having this problem, confirm with your friends, the Dead by Daylight forums, or any other place to know if others also have the problem.

A good way to know if there is any problem with Dead by Daylight is to check a website called DownDetector, this website will display a graph, and show what users are talking about a certain product.

If there is a recent spike on the outages reported graph, the game is most likely to have some kind of issue right now, and your best bet is to just wait until it is fixed.

More causes to the "list of available content" error

If Dead by Daylight is not having a problem, your friends can play the game, and the website DownDetector gives you a small number of outage reports, then you are almost out of luck.

Most of the players who report the "list of available content" error when the game didn't update recently and everything is normal are using the console platform to play.

If you are on a console and currently struggling with the error, try the following:

  • Make sure the DLCs are enabled
  • Make sure your console software is up-to-date
  • Test your network connection, check if you have issues with other online games
  • If no other game can get online, it's most likely a technical issue on your end, either your network is gone, or you are behind a proxy and similar details that could cause that
  • Turn off the console and remove the modem, and try using the ethernet cable directly
  • Delete any saved data (think twice before doing this)

If none of the above works, you can contact the Dead by Daylight support, and you could also try contacting any support related to your current platform.

For desktop:

  • If you are on WiFi, try using the ethernet cable
  • Disable your antivirus for a moment and see if the error is gone
  • Disable your firewall and see if the error is gone
  • If you're under a proxy, make sure it is set up correctly and Dead by Daylight data is sent through the proxy

I highly doubt you will get this error on a desktop while the Dead by Daylight's servers are online and everyone can play normally, but as you can see on the steps above, make sure your connection with Dead by Daylight is working well.

After you try the above, enable your firewall and turn on your antivirus if the changes didn't solve the problem, as that could make your computer vulnerable.

If something listed above works, or you found another fix, please let me know and I will update the article, this error seems to be around different games, but I believe the causes may be different.

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