Dead by Daylight: What is tunneling?

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Tunneling is a term that you will read a lot when playing Dead by Daylight, but what is tunneling?

The word tunneling is often used in a bad context, to refer that the killer is focusing only on one, or possibly only two players instead of focusing on winning the game by catching all four survivors.

What is the definition of tunneling?

We cannot exactly pinpoint the definition of tunneling, it is a term used in the Dead by Daylight community, and some players will have a different understanding of it than others.

But to reach common ground, tunneling is when the killer, who is supposed to play his objectives in the game, is targeting only one player, at the cost of losing the game, because of whatever reason.

If one of the survivors says: "this killer is tunneling me, rush the generators" for example, it means that because the killer is determined to not let this survivor escape, it is better for his teammates to just finish repairing the generators and escape.

Is tunneling bad?

If tunneling is bad or not, depends on the context.

If one survivor happens to be on the wrong spot and at the wrong time, they will get killed!

But if the killer is just trying to make one single survivor lose, at the cost of his own game, then it might be considered bad manners.

There are different sides of the coin, so it is hard to judge at a general level, if someone is trying to ruin the game for others, yes it will be bad manners, but there are other variables to be taken into account.

Is tunneling in Dead by Daylight bannable?

You cannot be banned for tunneling in Dead by Daylight, as it is stated in a forum comment by MandyTalk.

MandyTalk clarifies that "You do not get banned for tunneling - that is completely false.", and elaborates that the players can only be banned with evidence, and that includes a video.

With that, we can assume that you most likely won't be banned by false accusations of tunneling, or even if you focus on only one player by accident, or because you didn't know, or for related reasons.

With BHVR requiring evidence, they will probably analyze the behavior of the supposed tunneler and see if they can see malice and griefing.

Can you report someone for tunneling?

You can report someone for tunneling, but it has to be under certain criteria.

For tunneling to be reported, it has to be considered griefing, and that is if someone is being targeted repeatedly and solely to ruin their game experience.

This is what Dead by Daylight considers bannable:

  • Targeting specific users repeatedly to ruin their game experience

You can check it on their help page.

How to avoid tunneling?

As a survivor, there is not much you can do if the killer is targeting only you. The reason for that is that the killer is stronger than the survivors, as he is supposed to compete against 4 of them.

If you believe that someone is targeting you repeatedly, to ruin your game experience, you can report them, but you have to be sure that they're doing it just to ruin your experience in the game.

In the end, it comes down to being lucky of being matched with players that have good sportsmanship!

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