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If you stream, be on Twitch, YouTube, or both, it may be hard to remember your Discord server members that you are streaming. You can use a free bot to automatize the process, getting a message posted on Discord as soon as you go live.

There are quite a few bots that can show live notifications, some work for both Twitch and YouTube, while some will only work with one of them.

I choose the two bots method, one bot you use for Twitch notifications, and the other for YouTube. Two bots will separate concerns for different platforms and provide you more related tools to the platform of your choice(or both), although one of the bots here is also for general purposes.

The bot I prefer for Twitch notifications is named Streamcord, it has not only live stream notifications but also streaming roles, and is easy to use having a complete dashboard, so you may already even have it on your Discord server.

The YouTube notifications bot I prefer is the NowLive bot, it will quickly allow you to get YouTube live stream notifications working. It has multiple purposes, and you can also use it for Twitch if you want.

Using Streamcord to receive Twitch live notifications

Streamcord is a great bot that has everything your community needs related to Twitch integration. With an easy-to-use dashboard, Steamcord will allow you to set things up in a second!

Streamcord invite message
  • You will be prompted with the invite request, select the server that you want to add the bot for and click on Continue
  • Streamcord won't send any message once it is invited, but you can confirm it is on the server by checking the member's list
  • Although regularly you would start sending commands in the server, we will access the Streamcord dashboard now, by opening https://dash.streamcord.io/, you will have to authorize its access
  • After authorizing access to some of your Discord account features, you will have to tick a checkbox and press Continue
  • Now you can see the list of servers you have, that the Streamcord bot has access to, click on your server on the list
Streamcord dashboard server list
  • Scroll down and you can see "Add a streamer notification", click on it, alternatively click on the Notifications tab
  • Click on the green "Add a notification" button
  • Now fill the field "Streamer name" with the exact streamer name(as shown in Twitch.tv URL), change the channel that it posts to if you want, and change the message of the notification as you wish.
Streamcord add a notification page
  • Click on "Add notification"

After that, you will now receive notifications when that streamer goes live, congratulations!

You can add mentions in the custom messages, emojis, and anything you want.

If you wish to remove or edit the notification, just go back to the Notifications tab, where you have a list of the streamers you are "listening" to.

Another thing to mention is that you can click on Advanced options to change the embed HEX color to anything you want, you can Google "color picker" for a quick color picker to select the color of your choice.

You can also prevent duplicate messages by checking "Prevent duplicate notifications".

Using NowLive to receive YouTube live notifications

NowLive is a Discord bot that will help you get channel notifications when YouTube goes live. It works with Twitch as well, so you can use it for both if you don't need the extra features Streamcord has.

  • Invite NowLive to your Discord server using NowLive's invite link
  • After you invite NowLive, it will show a message on one of your channels
  • Type -nl setup to start setting NowLive up
  • To add a new YouTube channel to receive live streams notifications, react with the red emoji, to pick YouTube on the reactions menu
NowLive setup menu
  • Next, react with the blue emoji to add a new channel
  • You will be prompted to select the channel you want the notifications to be sent at, if you want the current channel, just react with the green checkmark
  • Now it will ask you for the YouTube channel, send the URL in chat, and then react with the green checkmark
NowLive adding a YouTube channel
  • It will ask you to confirm the channel name, react with the green checkmark
  • Done!

Now you will receive the live stream notifications for that YouTube channel!

If you want to remove a channel, or even add a Twitch channel instead, just type -nl setup again and follow along, the process is as simple as it gets!

I am not aware why NowLive asks for Administrator permissions, you can probably change its permissions if you want, and limit it a bit.

Bonus: Using YouTube bot to receive upload notifications

The YouTube bot is being developed to manage everything related to YouTube, including YouTube channel uploads.

The YouTube bot doesn't include a dashboard like Streamcord, but I would say that it is not even needed, the bot is easy to use and will do everything you want with a few commands.

  • Invite the YouTube bot to your server using its invite link
  • You will be prompted to authorize it, and select a server to invite the bot, as usual, do it and click on Authorize
  • Go to the Discord channel where you want the upload notification to happen
  • Type the yt notifier add <channel url> command, for example, yt notifier add https://www.youtube.com/c/drdisrespect will receive Dr. Disrespect's notifications
  • Done!

After that, you will be receiving upload notifications for the YouTube channel you specified.

To list the notifications you are listening for, use the following command:

yt notifier list

And to remove a channel, the following:

yt notifier remove <url or name>, for example, yt notifier remove DrDisRespect

That's it! Type yt help to check what else you can do(for example changing the notification message with yt notifier format).

It appears that in the future the YouTube bot will support live stream notifications and premieres.

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