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What is Nexus Blitz

Initially named Project SLIME, Nexus Blitz is a mode intended to last less time than the usual game mode, with an average of 15 minutes, the game will reach an end at a maximum of 18 minutes, literally, as your nexus will stand up and fight with the enemy nexus.

The game mode isn't very popular in some regions, so sometimes the queue times are a deal-breaker if you are looking for a short match, regardless, it is a less sweaty environment where you can easily score that First Win of The Day mission on busy days.

The game features the map Temple of Lily and Lotus, which has a single lane(it splits into two in the middle, but still being a single lane) and the top of the map is a jungle, instead of being your regular top lane, where two junglers will team up to clear the camps and finish the objectives.

League of Legends match mode screen

Nexus Blitz back on League of Legends

Mode changes

  • Smite is mandatory for junglers
  • Every champion has increased 70 summoner spell haste, 4 mana regeneration per 5 seconds, experience over time and bonus magic resistance.
  • Recall time is shorter
  • Dark Seal is available
  • Support items exclusive to Summoner's Rift are unavailable

What you need to know to play Nexus Blitz

A big difference between Blitz and the other modes is definitely the two junglers, on Nexus Blitz by clearing the camps together both junglers will split 150% of experience and gold of the camps, which makes it worth clearing the camps together for a faster jungle clear and early ganking while not losing much experience or gold. It also makes junglers with a slow clear speed not suffer early on in this mode.

The Rift Herald is buffed! No, it's not your build, the Rift Herald is stronger in this mode however he will give your team the Hand of Baron buff upon death, and as usual, the Eye of the Herald is a great advantage to have, even more in a map with a single lane.

Each team as a Jungle Guardian, the Jungle Guardian will attempt to protect your jungle by hunting down invaders, it is possible to see his target by looking at the small line which looks like a tower target line. It is possible to kill the Jungle Guardian, allowing the enemy jungle to be invaded, however, he has almost 4000 health points and some crowd control, something you don't want to mess with early on.

The catapults in Nexus Blitz

There are two kinds of catapults in Nexus Blitz, the ones in your jungle are available to be used from the start of the game, the catapults can bring you to anywhere in the map up to some range(it won't go all the way), and the catapults you get in your base by winning a specific event, which works the same way but with easier access.

League of Legends catapult picture

Catapult and Jungle Guardian

If you get On Fire! you will be ulted

After a 4 kill streak or buying The Golden Spatula(yes it is enabled!) you will get a buff called On Fire!, which will grant you some benefits(doubled cooldown tick and more) but will also increase the damage you take by 25% for melee and 35% for ranged champions.

If you bought The Golden Spatula, you will keep the buff upon death.

The events in Nexus Blitz

The randomly timed events are a core part of Nexus Blitz, you can see the first event on the champion select screen, however all others you'll only be able to know when they're 30 seconds close to happening, some events will definitely favor some champions and sometimes you will have a bad RNG.

The rewards for the events include:

  • Catapult of Champions: The same catapult you have on your jungle however close to your spawn.
  • Blessing of Blitzcrank: Your turrets and cannon minions will be able to cast Rocket Grab, the same skill used by Blitzcrank to grab opponents.
  • Poro King: A giant poro that heals your team and go after enemy turrets
  • Battle Sled: A car slower than Zac jungle clear speed that can be used by all your team to crash on enemy champions
  • Guardian Angels: The entire team gets the Guardian Angel effect lasting up to 90 seconds
  • Statikk Shock: You get the statikk buff, which is very useful to clear waves
  • B.F Shields: Your entire team gets a big shield
  • Mega Cloud Drake: Very high out of combat speed
  • Mega Ocean Drake: Very high health and mana regen when out of combat
  • Aspect of the Dragon: Damaging an enemy champion below 20% health will execute them

The rewards are random, which makes every event important in the game, as you can't know how good the benefit of winning it will be.

Have fun in Nexus Blitz!

The mode was requested multiple times and it is finally back for all the fans to enjoy. It doesn't take a lot to learn its mechanics and it introduces tons of possibilities and new ways of playing the game.

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