18 funny Skyrim mods to break your game

Skyrim on Quarantine mod screenshot

Skyrim on Quarantine: screenshot from author

Skyrim has tons of mods, and since ever, there are joke mods that change the game in ways you wouldn't expect, let's take a look at some of these.

Some of the joke mods listed here are game-breaking, they will make it so you cannot progress the Skyrim main story due to how they change the game, most mods that do that will also give you a version without game-breaking changes.

Although these can be considered funny mods, we appreciate the effort put to create them, it can go from replacing an asset to adding several new fully working models into the game.

Zoidberg Mudcrab replacer

Zoidberg is an iconic Futurama character, which looks like a crustacean alien on the show.

One occasional moment on the show is when Zoidberg leaves the scene walking a crab and making his unique noise.

This mod beautifully replaces the Mudcrab with Zoidberg, an actual model of the character, resized to the Mudcrab height.

Zoidberg Mudcrab replacer page

Mammoth Cheese

This mod adds 6 different variants of mammoth cheeses into Skyrim.

The mod lore is that the giants sacrificed one of their mammoths to have it reborn as a giant cheese.

Mammoth Cheese screenshot

Mammoth Cheese page

Todd Howard main menu background

Skyrim allows you to mod several parts of the game, and that includes the main menu background.

It is always interesting to see what kind of mods the community creates revolving around that freedom of creativity.

The Todd Howard main menu background mod will change Skyrim's main menu to have a picture of Todd in the background (duh).

Todd works on Bethesda, and he led the development of the Skyrim series.

Todd Howard mod page

There is also a mod to add a shrine for Todd Howard.


SkyRevolution adds 6 dwarven guns, being assault rifles, sniper rifles, and submachine guns.

The mod has different versions so I recommend reading the description and using the one you find better.

Interestingly, the author made them dwarven, rather than just inserting real-world weapon designs into the game, so in some weird way, the weapons are lore-friendly, or not.

SkyRevolution mod page

Really Useful Dragons

This is the famous Thomas the Tank Engine mod.

Really Useful Dragons replaces all Skyrim dragons with characters from Thomas the Tank Engine.

As a warning, the face of the tank engine is scary.

Really Useful Dragons mod page

Dragonball Z Overhaul Project

Also called SkyrimBall Z, this mod adds several changes based on Dragonball Z.

A warning from the description is that this mod is not epileptic safe, so it may contain flashing lights.

You have Kamehameha as you'd expect from a Dragonball mod, but not only Goku's Kamehameha, you have different versions, all being spells added to the game.

There are additional warpaints and much more.

Dragonball Z Overhaul Project mod page

You can also take a look at the Dragon Ball Z Scouter mod, it adds 4 different colors of Scouter that allow you to see the presence of any living thing nearby.

Death Note

This mod adds the Death Note itself into Skyrim.

The original Death Note allows the user to write any cause of death to kill someone, this mod will give you 4 different options to kill.

  • Heart attack
  • Eaten by rats
  • Spontaneous combustion
  • Berserker rage

To use the Death Note you just enter a name on it, working even with characters from other mods.

Death Note mod page

Doge as Pet

Doge as Pet allows you to have a pet Doge, you can find him on the Alchemist's Shack.

Doge will be a great company for your adventures.

Doge as Pet mod page

Skyrim Laugh Track

Ever watched a show where there is a laughing audience at certain moments?

Skyrim Laugh Track will add an audience to laugh every time you fail on a list of things.

Skyrim Laugh Track mod page


Nyanroot replaces the Nirnroot sound with the Nyan Cat music.

Nyanroot mod page

Minecraft Pickaxe

This mod will replace pickaxes with the diamond Minecraft pickaxe, everywhere.

Minecraft Pickaxe mod page

Diamond Sword Minecraft

This mod adds a craftable Minecraft Diamond Sword into Skyrim.

Diamond Sword - Minecraft mod page

Tamriel of Tanks

If you ever wanted tanks on Skyrim this is the mod for you.

Tamriel of Tanks add different kinds of working tanks into Skyrim, you can drive the tanks and shoot.

The description for this mod is in Japanese, but a quick Google Translate can give you a glance at it if needed.

Tamriel of Tanks mod page

This Is Sparta

Replaces the Fus Roh Dah shout with This Is Sparta.

This Is Sparta mod page

Sonic Speed Horses

With this mod, all Skyrim horses run at the maximum possible speed, and maximum stamina, shortening the time to travel without fast travel.

There are two versions for better control of the mod.

Sonic Speed Horses mod page

Dwarven Motorcycle and other vehicles

This mod adds 7 dwarven vehicles, and a motorcycle available on the Whiterun stable.

The vehicles are modeled to look like they were crafted by dwarven.

This creative mod also adds a way for you to fly into Skyrim's sky with the Dwarven Hovercraft.

Dwarven Motorcycle and other vehicles mod page

The Stanley Paradox

An entirely new game mode with different challenges for you to play through.

In The Stanley Paradox, you find multiple choices and endings so you can escape, everything inside a hallway similar to The Stanley Parable, this is a mod that has received positive comments for its story.

The Stanley Paradox mod page

Skyrim on Quarantine

Skyrim on Quarantine makes all NPCs in the game wear masks and respect the social distancing rules, characters will avoid the play, stay at home, and all stores are closed.

The mod has two versions, as making all NPCs stay at home is a breaking change, so it has one cosmetic-only version.

Skyrim on Quarantine mod page

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