GTA 5: Memory could not be written [FIX]

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GTA V is an optimized game, and it usually runs without problems if you have the minimum requirements needed. Sometimes we still can face problems, and the memory error is one of them, let's take a look at how to fix it.

What is the Memory could not be written error?

The memory could not be written error appears as the following:

Application error The instruction at 0x referenced memory at 0x. The memory could not be written/read. Click on OK to terminate the program.

Reportedly, this error happens at startup when the game is launching, but also can happen after starting the game on the main menu.

Memory errors, be them read or write, can be caused for various reasons, and sometimes it can be hard to troubleshoot the cause of the issue.

One thing to check is if your computer has the minimum requirements needed to play GTA V.

On Steam it is stated that the minimum needed requirement is 4 GB of RAM, and a video card with at least 1 VRAM, and other components, you can check the specific, updated requirements on the Steam store page for GTA.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you are not using a legit copy of GTA V, this and other errors can happen, and there isn't much we can advise besides buying a legitimate copy of the game.

How to fix the Memory could not be written error?

Being an error with different possible causes, there isn't a single solution for this issue, you need to figure out why it is happening, or try different solutions.

If you have memory-related problems in other games or applications, you may have a hardware issue happening, or problems with your antivirus or other running application.

To rule out an antivirus or other software causing the problem, do the following:

  • Temporarily disable your antivirus
  • Close any application running in the background

Run the game with few tasks running possible, and see if it solves the issue.

If that doesn't help, your PC hardware could be having problems running the game, and you need an upgrade.

One setting can be helpful if that is the case, as Windows allows you to increase the page file size on your computer.

The page file size works as a "backup" for when your computer needs more RAM, it will instead use the page file on your HD as if it was RAM, it is also called virtual memory or swap.

To increase the page file size, do the following:

  1. Right-click the Windows logo on bottom-left
  2. Click on System
  3. On the System information that will appear, click on Advanced system settings on the left side of the screen
  4. Go to the Advanced tab
  5. Click on the first Settings button under Performance
  6. Click on the Advanced tab
  7. Click on the Change button
  8. Uncheck the option Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  9. Select C: or the fastest storage device available if you have more than one
  10. Select Custom size
  11. Now you have to provide a value for Initial size and Maximum size in MB, as this is an attempt to fix the memory issue, try a high value. Example: 4096 initial size, and 8192 maximum size
  12. Click on the Set button, then OK, and restart your computer

Even if changing the page file settings solves the problem for you, it is recommended to buy more RAM if it does, the page file is slower than the RAM.

Clean your RAM to fix memory errors

I am not aware if cleaning your RAM can solve the GTA memory error, but this is something worth mentioning.

If you are having memory-related problems overall on your system, like blue screens, for example, a quick RAM cleaning can help immensely.

Cleaning your RAM involves opening your computer case, removing the RAM sticks, and cleaning them, the video above shows the entire process.

If you're unsure about doing it yourself, you can contact any technical support to do it for you.

You may also consider replacing RAM entirely or adding more sticks, GTA V recommends a 4GB minimum, but 8GB or more can be ideal in most situations.

Lastly, you can always consider contacting the support for GTA 5 where you will have technical support for the issue, as this is an error with multiple possible causes that could save you time.

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