GTA RP streamers to watch

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GTA V roleplay is a great game to watch, each streamer that plays the game has a unique character, with their own story while they engage with the other characters of the city, that are also players and possibly streamers.

What is GTA V roleplay?

In short, Grand Theft Auto V roleplay is when the players pretend to be a character, with each one having a unique story, goals, personality, and so on.

GTA V roleplay got very popular on YouTube and Twitch, players create their own character stories while going on adventures in the city, not knowing who they will meet and what is happening next.

The characters have their own job, and even police enforcement and court are made by players, so you can be a judge or an officer.

Servers may have different jobs, so you can notice differences from server to server, but most roleplay essential roles are present on all servers.

There are many GTA V roleplay streamers, and while most are playing on the NoPixel, it's not hard to find streamers from other servers. In this article, we will take a look at some GTA V roleplay streamers.


AbdulHD is a Twitch streamer who plays Abdul AlRahim in the NoPixel GTA roleplay server.

Abdul is known for being friendly while driving his taxi for the citizens, he has interacted with many other streamers on the server and is well known in the community, being one of the old players of NoPixel.

AbdulHD Twitch


Félix Lengyel also known as xQc is a popular variety Twitch streamer, and occasionally he plays on NoPixel.

In the NoPixel server, Félix created a character named Jean Paul, who has a long criminal record and is known for planning heists and joyriding.

As a criminal on the server, xQc gets involved in intense chases, shootings, and some periods in jail and court.

xQcOW Twitch


buddha is another streamer who frequently plays as a criminal.

As a popular roleplay criminal streamer, buddha is a member of different factions and engages in criminal activities with other streamers, like xQc.

buddha Twitch


Imane Anys, also known online as Pokimane is one of the most popular female Twitch streamers, and she occasionally joins NoPixel.

On NoPixel, Pokimane played Celine LaCroix, a former secret agent who became an illegal French immigrant.

On NoPixel 3.0, Pokimane plays a new character and interacts with xQc's character, Jean Paul.

At the time of this writing, there isn't much info about this character, however xQc plays as a criminal on the server and that could influence the character's path (or not).

Pokimane Twitch


Wolfabelle is an EU Twitch streamer and she plays as Bianca Walters and Candice DeFitt.

Bianca is more like a criminal, while Candice is a cop, so the streamer has characters for the two sides of the coin, while lately, Candice is the one that Wolfabelle plays the most.

Wolfabelle Twitch


Nakkida, also known as Tessa Lamb is a streamer who plays on law enforcement on the No Pixel server.

Nakkida is popular for being friendly, having positive interactions with other streamers on the server, including Jean Paul, even though he is a criminal.

On NoPixel the players need a driver's license, and Tessa is a teacher on the driver exam.

Nakkida Twitch


PinkTrilobite is a popular VTuber who streams GTA V roleplay on NoPixel.

Pink has a character named Yan Dere and another named Selena Martinez, she gets involved in different adventures in the city and is sometimes in trouble.

PinkTrilobite Twitch

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