Houses to make in Minecraft

House being built in Minecraft

Source: Minecraft screenshot

Making a house in Minecraft can be considered by many just a small part of the game, but for others, it can be a hobby.

If you are interested in some ideas for houses to build, or you're just starting to get invested in the building world of Minecraft, this article is for you!

Cottage in the woods

This build grabbed my attention among many others because it still keeps the classic Minecraft feeling while looking simple and beautiful.

There are many different approaches to building, and like with art, in the end, you're the one who decides what you like the best.

This building by LubovLC shows that sometimes less is more, and with that, it creates a perfect cottage in the woods atmosphere.

The YouTube walkthrough of the building, by the author, also includes dimensions and can greatly help you to get involved with Minecraft building.

Simple Cottage

To add to the less is more concept, this simple cottage is another amazing build to try yourself.

This house is built by Dio Rods, and you can follow along the building and even get the exact dimensions.

This house is also great for those who are looking to improve on the basement building, the basement is sometimes overlooked, and left as an "empty box" area, so getting inspiration about basements in Minecraft can be handy.

The "grass" that you see being placed in the video is not a creative-mode only block, they are leaves! You can use a Shears on tree leaves to get them.

Modern Wooden Survival House

If you want to add modern visuals to your Minecraft buildings, this video is for you.

The author of this building, Heyimrobby, shows how you can have a modern-looking Minecraft house using different types of wood, glass, and good lighting.

The attention to detail of this building is exceptional, from the direction of items to the placement of house decoration objects.

This building has a flat roof, like some other modern buildings, so if you don't like building roofs, it's a good pick.

Lush cave building

This brilliant building is from EndurableTuber, it showcases how beautiful new underground-themed buildings can be with the lush caves.

You can see the YouTube Short here.

This cave has stunning lighting that is made possible by the new update.

If you want to start building with the new stuff, this is an awesome inspiration, you can use this to improve the design of a house, or even live inside a beautiful cave.

Modern Survival House

Sometimes you want to take an already existing concept and make it feel more modern.

The Modern Survival house by Goldrobin is a great example of what to start modifying if you want to make your Minecraft house more modern.

One particular detail that I like is the garden, Goldrobin made a beautiful garden around the house, it is not only made of one block, but a combination of leaves, flowers, and so on, and all of these you can obtain early on in the game.

The leaves are also added to some interiors, making the house look lively.

Frog House

A house, but... it's a frog!

This amazing building made by MarchiWORX shows that you can go full creative when building your house.

Orange frog house

Everyone living in similar houses? No problem! You can be the celebrity of the server with your frog house.

The building makes use of solid color blocks to create the frog shape in 3D.

If you are playing with vanilla Minecraft textures, you may have to find blocks that are made mostly of a single color.

This is a cool inspiration for a house building, as you may try to create a house from another animal of your choice, an Axolotl, for example.

Hanging House

This is a house building that has a peculiar placement.

Built by sir_aesthetlc, the house appears to be hanging from a bridge or someplace in the sky.

Hanging House by sir aesthetic

This is an exceptional building idea if you already got your Elytra and want to build a house with high heights.

Green house

If you want a house with an iconic fantasy look, this building is a good inspiration.

Green Minecraft house on the sky

This piece was posted on Reddit by the user _AresM and it showcases a house that was overwhelmed by nature, at least that is my interpretation of it.

It is interesting, especially how the roof is made, it has a unique shape and different architecture than what we are used to seeing.

Stylish Modern house

Made by YalChu's Home, this is an excellent stylish and small house.

Although the house takes up a small space on the ground, it is tall and you can have the exact dimensions on the video if you want to build one like that.

The house has contrasting colors, creating a beautiful design, with unique shapes.

Two-floor house in the woods

This is a two-floor house idea that looks amazing, even more, when you combine it with tall trees in the background.

House with two floors in the middle of the forest

This two-floor house built by MrBenjaminnn is an excellent example of how to make a good house in the woods. The house does not steal attention from the background, allowing the viewer to appreciate not only the house but also the background.

The plants on the walls and roof are a great blend of the background with the house, making us think that the house has been there for some time.

Floating Islands

This is not a house but a concept that could be adapted for a house.

If you want a big building challenging, a floating island is a task for you.

Minecraft floating island with trees and mountains

Building a floating island requires a good eye or experience in environment building... in Minecraft.

Our brain can recognize when a mountain looks odd, or when something is odd about nature, and that makes building an island a difficult task, as if you make a mistake, it can make your island look exquisite.

Nurcie made this beautiful Floating Island. It is his second Floating Island, and it will be available for download for free on his channel, you will be able to download it and take a look at different parts of the island.

Top-down world building

Another non-house special mention!

Building your world for a beautiful top-down view is a challenging, but creative experience to have in Minecraft.

Minecraft world from a distant view

On Reddit, the user MaximillionBongs showcases exactly this concept, he took a screenshot of his server from a World-view perspective, revealing a cleverly built town.

You're able to see that a combination of water with land, and buildings like bridges, and boats, create a top view of your world in harmony.

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