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Are you tired of your character race in Final Fantasy XIV? Well, I don't blame you, the game has several races to pick from, with a lot of customization available for them and specific race emotes.

In this article, I will explain how you can change your race in FFXIV.

Can you change Race for free in FF14?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Technically you can get a free change of race in the game, but it's a one-time solution.

I will update the article if we get more ways of doing this in the future, but currently, the only way of changing your race is with the item Phial of Fantasia.

Upon completing the Realm Reborning main quests the player will be rewarded with a single Phial of Fantasia, if you do not want to spend real-life money to change your race, that is your only chance, so make good use of it.

Phial of Fantasia

The Phial of Fantasia is the only way to change your race in Final Fantasy XIV, you can obtain it in the game store.

The current price for the Phial is 10 USD, with available discounts if you buy a bunch of them.

To use the Phial of Fantasia, follow the steps:

  1. Use the item in-game and you will receive a message with instructions
  2. Take your character equipment off, the only exception is the main hand, you can leave a weapon there
  3. Go back to the main menu
  4. You will see that you can edit your character now
  5. Edit your character as you want and confirm the changes

It's important to notice that if you don't finalize the changes, you can go back without consuming this one-time change. If you finalize the changes without changing anything, you will still lose your ability to change your character!

For specifically changing the race of your character, you can do it as in character creation, it will be the first option for you to pick!

Better deals for Phial of Fantasia

If you believe you will be needing more than one Phial, I recommend buying them in a bunch.

If you go to the game online store, you can find a pack of three or five Phials of Fantasia, and that will give you a discount for buying more.

But wait, that is not all!

Another way of getting Phial of Fantasia is by doing an upgrade to a Digital Collector's edition.

This is how you can see what upgrades you have available:

  1. Log in to the mog station
  2. On the Service Account dashboard, scroll down to "Games & Additional Services"
  3. Click on Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade

From the time of this writing, Fantasia is listed on the Heavensward upgrade and it is available for 20 USD.

The upgrades can go on sale and sometimes you can find them for 10 USD, the price of a Fantasia!

Now, if you have multiple characters you may find it better to buy the upgrade, as it will give each character on your account the items.

Hopefully, this article explained to you everything you have to know about the Phials and changing your race, unfortunately, even some small changes can require a Fantasia if they are not covered by the hair stylist, so choose wisely and take your time before making a decision.

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