How to get Overwatch League rewards

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League Tokens is a currency that you can use to buy various skins in Overwatch, this is only available during Overwatch League so it is a good time to not lose this chance!

To earn the tokens you must watch the Overwatch League on Youtube,, or their mobile app. The Overwatch League app is available on the Play Store and the App Store for Apple users.

You need to link your Youtube or Twitch account with your account so the minutes you watch are counted, otherwise, you won't be getting anything,.

Connect your

Connect your Youtube account:

Choose and link the accounts, after that, the games you watch will start to give you tokens, you get the tokens every hour watched, and it doesn't have to be consecutive, you can watch a bit now and a bit later, and when this time sums up to one hour you'll get tokens.

Some extensions can make you unable to get the rewards, it is recommended to disable extensions that disable tracking and maybe ad-blocks, if you use Mozilla Firefox you may also want to disable the tracking protection on the left of the address bar, by clicking on the shield icon.

It is not sure which kind of extensions make the rewards not work, so you can give it a try even if you like to use some of them.

Another related issue is that notifications of rewards when you watch from Youtube may not appear, but don't worry, your rewards still will be received in-game. It is also worth noticing that it can take up to 48 hours for League Tokens to be delivered.

How to watch the Overwatch League

After linking your account and getting ready for the games, you need to know when they'll happen! Some games already happened, so we will skip them.

  • Week 12: July 2 - 4
  • Week 13: July 8 - 10
  • Summer Showdown Tournament: starting July 16
  • Week 16: July 30 - August 1
  • Week 17: August 6 - 8
  • Week 18: August 12 - 14
  • Countdown Cup Tournament: starting August 20

Besides the League Tokens, by watching tournaments you will get exclusive Overwatch League skins, gray and white, and a spray, every tournament will have a new skin so don't forget the dates!

For those exclusive tournaments skins, you must watch at least 4 hours!

Summer Showdown and Countdown Cup are tournaments while the other matches are qualifiers, qualifiers count for League Tokens, while Tournaments can give you League Tokens and the rewards mentioned.

For more info and games take a look at, you're able to watch past games at their Video Hub, just scroll down for the full matches.

How to vote on the next Overwatch League exclusive skin?

Great community interaction is being made, where players will choose which hero is getting a new exclusive skin, at the time of this writing two polls already have results, for May Melee and June Joust, but the poll for Summer Showdown is still up.

You can vote for the next hero at, although D.Va is going to get it anyways, with 48% of the votes right now.

Previous poll winners

Overwatch League Ana gray skin

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Hopefully, this will keep happening in future tournaments, so we can see different hero mains fighting over the exclusive skin on Twitter!

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