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How do the LoL Esports rewards work?

The LoL Esports rewards are exclusive on the website, you get an in-game mission about watching games from the current split and you're rewarded blue essence for watching.

As of now, there is a mission with 3 steps going on, where you keep watching games and get more rewards, however, this is an ongoing mission and it appears from time to time.

Is Lol Esports legit?

It definitely is, as it is Riot Games themselves, the only thing you want to make sure is that you are on the real website, there is a lot of fishy websites claiming to give you rewards related to League of Legends, so make sure you are exactly on, it is the website linked in the mission in the game.

How can I complete the Watching Lol Esports mission?

The mission is completed by watching live or VODs of games from the current split, to make it simple, open and pick a game on the top of your screen and you will be sent to the game stream, if there are no games scheduled on the top of your screen, you can click VODs for recorded games.

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LoL Esports in-game mission

Make sure you are logged to your account in the website and that the game you're watching is eligible for mission completion(you can check that on the bottom of the video player), if everything is okay, go ahead and watch a game for around 15 minutes, it looks like you are not required to leave the tab focused all the time or restrictions like that, but removing your adblocker for the website may help if you have issues with completing the mission.

LoL Esports live list

The website shows games to watch right on the top

The mission asks you to watch multiple games, so it won't count twice for the same game you're watching, your progress isn't lost if you close the stream after you completed your mission.

If you watched for a long time(30 minutes or more) and your mission didn't progress, double-check if you are logged in to the correct account, you don't have an adblocker or any tracker blocker on for the website, and anything that can cause issues related to that.

How does Lol Esports drops works?

When checking if a game is eligible for mission completion, you will notice that some matches may also have drops enabled. Drops will give you random rewards as you watch a live match, they do not work for VODs, and drops are very limited, only some amount of viewers will get a specific kind of drops.

By watching the same way you do for your mission, you may get rewards in-game, so good luck!

Where can I see my LoL Esports drops?

The drops you get while watching Lol Esports are available on the rewards tab on the website, you can also check the progress for your mission directly on the website. There are rumors that the drops are only obtainable by a popup opened while you are watching the game, however, the website explicitly states that you can see your drops later on the rewards tab.

Can I get skins for free watching Lol Esports?

You can get skin shards by watching, as well as chromas, prestige points, clash tickets, and other rewards, it is not totally specified.

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