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Crab Game

Crab Game is the new trend among multiplayer games, and popular streamers started to give it a try.

Crab Game is quite similar to Squid Game, it's a multiplayer game with up to 35 players, with proximity chat, where you will have to accomplish several challenges to win.

Getting Crab Game

There is no mystery on how to get the game.

  1. Access the Crab Game Steam page
  2. Click on Play Game
  3. Create a Steam account if you don't have one

The game is free and as far as I'm aware it is only available on Steam

Play Game button for Crab Game on Steam

Crab Game needs at least 2 GB of RAM and Intel HD 520 as minimum requirements, this is a low end for a gaming computer these days, so you should be able to run the game fine on most machines.

Starting to play Crab Game

After opening the game for the first time, you can choose your microphone settings.

The proximity voice is a great aspect of Crab Game, but you are not forced to use it, you can alternate between Hold To Use and Voice Activation as your preference for the microphone, or even set it to Off.

The game has 144 as maximum FPS by default, if you are playing on a laptop you can consider setting it to 60, or your usual monitor refresh rate.

Game controls

  • Movement: W, A, S, and D
  • Jump: Space
  • Sprint: Left shift
  • Crouch and Slide: C
  • Interaction: E
  • Inventory: Tab
  • Attack: Left mouse button
  • Build: Right mouse button
  • Push to talk: V

You can change the controls on Settings > Controls, and the settings for push to talk on Settings > Audio.

Entering a Crab Game match

There are two ways to start playing.

Different than games with dedicated servers, in Crab Game, you have to host or find a game hosted by another player, this is somewhat similar to Minecraft, Among Us, and other games.

  • Start Game: This option will allow you to host a lobby, you can define who will join your lobby by changing the Lobby Type option. If you want to play only with your friends, you can change Lobby Type to Friends, or use the Code option
  • Find Game: You can use this option if you don't want to be the host, it will show you other players hosting servers that are close to you, so they have low latency. You can press Join on the list to join any of the servers listed

If your network connection isn't that great, I recommend joining games rather than hosting, you can also try to disable proximity chat, or decrease the maximum players on the lobby settings and see if it improves the hosting quality.

After you join a game, if you are still in the lobby, pay attention to the top right of your screen.

By pressing E you can change from Not ready to Ready, you must be Ready to start playing on the first round.

Disable voice chat on Crab Game

If you are not a fan of voice chat for whatever reason, you can completely disable it from the game.

To do that just go to Settings > Audio and check the option that says "Deafen Voice Chat", you won't be able to hear any other player this way.

If you are going to play without voice chat, you can also look for servers without voice chat enabled, which will hopefully give a better connection. You can spot servers without voice chat by looking at the microphone icon next to the server name on the list.

Types of matches in Crab Game

The game has different challenges that you must survive if you want to win.

Crab Game screenshot of Bomb Tag mode

The players who don't complete a challenge, or hold fewer points on each challenge are eliminated, until there is only a player left, or everyone dies.

  • Lobby: This is the lobby, there's not a lot of gameplay there, you just wait for others to connect. Press E to get Ready to join the game, you can check if you are ready on the top-right of the screen.
  • Stepping Stones: The goal of this one is to reach the other platform, by jumping through stones. Some of the platforms break when someone jumps on them, so being the first one on the line is not always ideal, but you have to go to the other side otherwise you're eliminated.
  • Hat King: In this mode, some players will have a hat, and while you have the hat you keep gaining score. When the timer runs out, the players with the lowest scores are eliminated, so you must find the players with the hat, steal it from them, and run or hide with the hat to raise your score as high as possible
  • Bomb Tag: This is similar to the Hat King mode, but instead some players will have a bomb, and the ones holding the bomb when the timer runs out will be eliminated as the bomb explodes
  • Tile Drive: In this mode, the players are divided into teams, and the map has tiles on the floors and walls, when you go near a tile it will get the color of your team. The team with the fewest tile colors is eliminated at the end of the round, I recommend getting the tiles on the walls as they are often forgotten by some players
  • Tag: Some players have a stick, and upon hitting others with the stick, they will be the ones holding the stick. If you are holding a stick at the end of the round you are eliminated
  • King of The Hill: Everyone has a bat that knocks other players far away when hit. The map has a golden area that you are supposed to stay inside, and the longer you stay there the more points you get. At the end of the match, the players with fewer points are eliminated
  • Lights Out: This is just a chill mode, it's on the same map as the lobby (called dormitory), but suddenly the lights will go out, and... nothing happens, don't worry!
  • The Floor is Lava: This is a mode with platforms (the same as stepping stones), some platforms are going to break so you must keep moving, or wait in a specific platform and jump when it is about to break. Players who fall are eliminated. As a note, on some maps, the floor gets turned into lava after intervals.
  • Hide and Seek: There are seekers and hiders, the seekers will attempt to stab the hiders, and when they do, they become hiders. At the end of the round, all seekers are eliminated, so they either eliminate a hider or get eliminated.
  • Red Light Green Light: This is the famous mode where you must cross to the other side, but you can only walk when you're allowed to. Players who don't cross the line, or get shot at are eliminated

The maps and modes are always random and you don't have any control over them, even hosting the lobby.

I'm sure the list above may be missing some mode, the game is new and it is getting updates! I am not sure if new maps or modes will be added, but there are plenty.

If you like Crab Game, check more about Dani, the developer of Crab Game.

As a bonus: You can bunny hop by setting your jump control to mouse scroll down, then you just keep scrolling down while holding shift to run fast!

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