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Grand Theft Auto Online

If you watch Twitch or YouTube often, you may have noticed that streamers have started to play Grand Theft Auto V roleplay on NoPixel, how to join it, if possible?

What is NoPixel?

NoPixel is a popular Grand Theft Auto V server for roleplay, where instead of going on a killing spree, the players take the role of a character they create, every player has a character with a different story, job, personality, friendships, and so on.

For the roleplay to stay alive and enjoyable, there are rules for the server that everyone has to follow to ensure the experience isn't ruined, you have to act as your character and not take any advantage that isn't possible for your character at that moment, it's about the story.

Several games have roleplay, for example, Garry's Mod Dark RP and Conan Exiles RP, and every roleplaying game will also have rules, it's not something exclusive to NoPixel, although the rules and enforcement vary depending on the server you are playing.

How to join NoPixel

You can't join NoPixel right off the bat, and it's most likely that you won't be able to, there are two things to keep in mind if you want to join:

  • NoPixel has a whitelist system, which means that you have to be whitelisted after submitting an application so you can join the server
  • Often the NoPixel applications are closed for the public, so you have to be a donator to have the chance to be accepted into the server
  • There are queues to join the server, and reportedly it can take hours to join a session if you have no priority

This is how you submit an application to join NoPixel:

  1. Go to NoPixel's website
  2. On the top, check if the Standard Whitelisting or Donator Whitelisting is open. If both are closed, you cannot submit your application at the moment
  3. If only the Donator Whitelisting is open, you will have to become a donator to have a chance to submit your application, you can check the donate page for that
  4. Create an account on NoPixel's website
  5. Find the forum thread for applications information, at the moment of this writing you can click here to check it
  6. Go to the Donator or Standard application and proceed with your application

Most roleplay servers want you to do your application yourself, so do not get external help or ask someone who is on the server to do it for you.

If you're considering donating just to try and get accepted into the server, keep in mind that it does not guarantee your approval, it still can be rejected, take a good read on NoPixel's rules and pay attention to your application.

You may take a look at the public servers on the right side of the website.

Best alternatives to NoPixel

There are many GTA V roleplay servers, some are not as popular as NoPixel, but they can have an easier application process.

  • TwitchRP: TwitchRP has roleplay for different games, with Grand Theft Auto V being one of them. You can take a look at their GTA RP quick start guide to see how to join, it's an understandable guide that also shows some features the server has to offer. TwitchRP uses FiveM.
  • SimLifeRP: SimLifeRP is a community-focused Grand Theft Auto V roleplay server, check the SimLifeRP website. The server has custom items, business and factions, and many different jobs. SimLifeRP uses FiveM.
  • MafiaCity RP: A popular GTA V roleplay server that is not complicated to join, take a look at their website. There are groups, player corporations, a wide range of jobs, and illegal activities. MafiaCity RP uses Rage.
  • Eclipse RP: A server with more than 200 players and your application can be done through a quiz in-game, check the website. The server has factions, gangs, and illegal activities. Eclipse RP uses Rage.

FiveM and Rage are multiplayer modifications for Grand Theft Auto V, as a player, it doesn't matter much which one is the server using, although it will change the way you join the server.

You can know more differences between FiveM and Rage on their own documentation, which will give you some insight about Grand Theft Auto V servers in general.

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