How to tame a boar in Fortnite?

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From Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, you're able to tame animals! Being straight to the point, there are different animals that you're able to tame, and by getting two bones and one piece of meat you're able to craft a Hunter's Cloak.

The Hunter's Cloak makes the animals not be straight-up aggressive towards you, making the whole process easier, as you can get killed while trying to tame one of them. After wearing the cloak, you're able to tame animals.

Another way that doesn't require Hunter's Cloak is by getting some vegetable, usually, corn is the easiest to find depending on the place you're at, throw the vegetable to the boar and attempt to tame it while he is distracted.

Boars eat the vegetables fast, so you have to be quick if you wanna be able to tame them, the Hunter's Cloak approach is easier and will help you with different animals.

To sum up how to tame a boar:

Method 1: Safest way to tame a boar

  1. Craft a Hunter's Cloak with 2 bones and 1 meat, you can get those by killing animals, usually, you can kill some boars to get that as you'll be there already
  2. Wear your Hunter's Cloak and approach the boar
  3. Tame your new friend!

Method 2: Taming a boar without Hunter's Cloak

  1. Find vegetables, like corn, for example, boars don't like meat! Fruits may work too.
  2. Kill boars around the one you pretend to tame, to make the process easier (optional)
  3. Throw the vegetables next to the boar
  4. Approach the boar without being seen, and tame!

Where to find Fortnite boars?

They're most common around Colossal Crops, but they're abundant and you can find them on farms, it is easy to meet a boar during a game, but players tend to kill them so you're most likely to find boars at the start of a match.

The south of the Colosseum is also a place for boars.

How to tame a wolf in Fortnite

If you know how to tame a boar it is really easy to tame a wolf, it works the same way. You can tame a wolf with Hunter's Cloak method, which will make it easier, be aware that wolves can be dangerous, and they'll usually be in groups in some open areas, while boars you can find in enclosed places, they are also faster than the boars.

Taming a wolf with Hunter's Cloak:

  1. Craft a Hunter's Cloak with 2 bones and 1 meat, it is the same one used to tame a boar with no difference
  2. Approach the wolves and tame one of them

Taming a wolf without Hunter's Cloak:

  • Wolves aren't vegetarian like the boars, you will need meat if you want to tame one of them without the cloak, so kill a chicken for example and get some meat
  • Throw the meat to the wolf
  • Tame while he is eating, without being seen

You can tame raptors the same way!

Where to find a wolf in Fortnite?

They're usually in packs, like in real life! You're most likely to find them on Weeping Woods, it does make sense for wolves to be in a forest after all, however, this isn't the only place where you can find them.

Some players also spotted them around Sweaty Sands, but they seem to be rarer than boars.

How to tame a Raptor in Fortnite?

Boars and wolves aren't enough? Maybe a raptor is the best for you! Like wolves, raptors will prefer to eat meat and to make it easier, you can tame them the same way you do for wolves!

Either go with the cloak method or the meat method described above.

Where to find Raptors in Fortnite?

Raptors are as common as wolves, there's no specific place to find them. Don't lose hope, players suggest the Weeping Woods as being a good spot where they may appear.

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