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League of Legends is a game loved by many, its popularity is huge, and so is the amount of gift options a player can receive. There are many options for League of Legends gifts and we will be taking a look at them.

If you have a particular date, be it Christmas, a birthday, or Valentine's Day coming up, and you know that the person you are gifting is a fan of League of Legends that would appreciate a themed gift, this article is for you.

League of Legends gifts are most unisex and are a good gift for relatives, friends, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, so getting a product about the game is a great idea for any occasion.

League of Legends Gift Card

League of Legends has an in-game store where players can buy skins and other cosmetic items.

One "safe gift" for someone who likes League of Legends is giving them one of these gift cards, then they can proceed to buy whatever skin or digital cosmetic that they like.

Click here to buy a League of Legends gift card for the NA server through our Amazon affiliate link.

League of Legends has different servers, and you will have to buy a card that is accepted on that server.

If your friend needs instructions on how to redeem the card, Riot Games has an official article about it.

Riot Merch Clothing as a gift

On the Riot Merch Store, you have a multitude of different appeal products to pick from.

Many clothing in the store is unisex and will require you to know the clothing size of the person you're gifting.

If you're gifting a girlfriend or boyfriend you might already know their clothing size, and for friends, you'll have to know or ask, which may give spoilers of the surprise being clothing.

Click here to check League of Legends products on Riot's Merch Store.

You may have to change the region by clicking on the top right globe icon.

The following are my picks:

  • Spirit Blossom Yasuo Tee: This is a unisex Yasuo tee with beautiful artwork. Yasuo has high popularity in League of Legends, making this tee a good pick.
  • Spirit Blossom Yone Tee: This unisex Yone tee is consistent with the above one, with beautiful artwork. Yone is Yasuo's half-brother, and he is also a popular and powerful character.
  • League of Legends hoodie: A regular hoodie branded for League of Legends. You can buy a Unisex model or the Women's model.
  • K/DA "Evelynn & Akali" Hoodie: Evelynn and Akali are also strong and popular characters, and besides that, they are also part of the K-pop girl group. This might be a perfect gift if the person you're gifting likes K/DA, but is also good for any LOL player.
  • Teemo Hat: Teemo is a popular character that plants explosive mushrooms and wears this iconic hat.

There are way more clothing products on the website, but if you are gifting someone and don't know about the game, then the above small list has popular characters to give you some idea of what to look for.

Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard League of Legends Edition

The Logitech G PRO keyboard is a high-rated mechanical keyboard, it has a 1ms report rate and is built for esports athletes and gamers in general.

Something great about this keyboard is that this is an existing professional keyboard with good reviews, with some design changes for League of Legends.

If your friend uses a membrane keyboard, this might be a good upgrade for them to switch to this mechanical one.

You can buy Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard League of Legends Edition by clicking here, through our Amazon affiliate link.

Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard K/DA Edition

When listing some clothing products, I mentioned that there is a K-pop group of some League of Legends champions, this keyboard is the same as the one listed above, but branded for the K-pop group.

If you know or can guess that your friend likes K/DA, this gift will be perfect if they don't have it.

Click here to buy the K/DA Edition of the G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard through our Amazon affiliate link.

League of Legends Gaming Mouse Pad

This is another product of the League of Legends Logitech line.

Like the G PRO Keyboard, this Gaming Mouse Pad by Logitech already existed, and the design was adapted for League of Legends, it's a different version of a good-reviewed professional product.

For the mouse pad you can also choose between the League of Legends Edition or the K/DA Edition, the League of Legends one has a landscape of the game, while the K/DA Edition has artwork of K/DA members.

Click here to buy the K/DA Mouse Pad, or here to buy the League of Legends Mouse Pad, through our Amazon affiliate links.

League of Legends mouses

I will talk about three excellent mouse by Logitech.

Do not worry because although I say three, the choice is more about wireless or wired.

My suggestion is to gift a wired mouse unless you are sure that the person you are gifting prefers a wireless one.

  • Logitech G305 (wireless): Buy the G305 K/DA Edition. This mouse has a 1ms response time, 250 hours of battery life, and 6 programmable buttons.
  • Logitech G PRO (wireless)Buy the G PRO League of Legends Edition. This is a similar model to the G305, but not the exact one. It has removable buttons, being an ambidextrous mouse with 4-8 programmable buttons. The report rate for the G PRO is 1ms.
  • Logitech G502 Hero K/DA (wired): Buy the Logitech G502 Hero K/DA Edition. This mouse has 11 customizable buttons and 1:1 tracking. Overall it is great for any kind of game, as it has adjustable high dpi, competitive precision, and high responsiveness. An interesting feature is that you can adjust the weight of this mouse.

The links above are Amazon affiliate links.

When choosing a mouse for a MOBA, there might be numbers like a very high DPI and other specifications, if the sole use is for internet browsing and playing a game like League of Legends, you can focus on the number of programmable buttons(a few should do just fine) and response time.

League of Legends Custom Keycaps

This product is honestly something I didn't think would be possible due to the number of champions that League of Legends has.

The League of Legends Custom Keycaps are as the name suggests, custom keycaps, but they will have specific skills that a League of Legends champion has.

To gift this to a friend, you will have to know what champion they play the most, then on the "Summoner Spells" dropdown on the product, pick that champion.

That will give you custom keyboard keycaps(you have to replace your keyboard ones with these) for that specific champion.

You can also select "Summoner Spells", they are the same for all champions so you won't have to know what champion your friend plays.

Click here to buy the League of Legends Custom Keycaps through our Amazon affiliate link.

When buying these, pay attention to what option is selected!

League of Legends Action Figures

Even if your friend doesn't have an action figure collection, they can be great decorations to gift on a special day.

A good way to get an action figure for a friend is to ask what champion they play and get one figure of that champion.

You can also get a figure of a popular champion, as these are iconic characters that get played often, or a pack of characters.

The Dual Cities Pack includes Jinx, Heimerdinger, Vi, Caitlyn, and Ekko, Jinx and Vi are champions with huge popularity in the game.

Click here to buy the Dual Cities Pack through our Amazon affiliate link.

If you want a figure of a specific champion, these would be my pick:

  • Lux Nendoroid Action Figure: This figure is comical, and the colors on it are beautiful. The champion on this figure is Lux, a popular mid-lane champion, the figure includes details for her abilities which allows you to try different poses.
  • Sona Nendoroid Action Figure: I believe that this figure is from the same line as the Lux Nendoroid Action Figure. This Sona figure has beautiful golden-colored pieces, and you can see the detail in her colorful hair. Sona is a popular support champion in LOL.

Another place with figures is the Riot Merch Store.

League of Legends Posters

If your friend likes posters and decorations in general, a League of Legends poster might be a great pick.

Riot Games sells posters based on orders, so you can pick any and they will make it for you, this process might take more time than buying an already existing product.

The posters sold by Riot are high-quality, and you can add a frame to your order if you want, and also choose the size.

Logitech G733 K/DA

The G733 branded for K/DA is a wireless gaming headset.

This headset has 29 hours of battery life and 20 meters of range.

I recommend buying a wireless headset/headphone whenever comfort is the goal, and the G733 provides that with its 278 grams while still holding a great product design.

You can get the Logitech G733 K/DA on Amazon through our affiliate link.

Other League of Legends gifts

There are other great gifts out there so do not feel locked to this list.

Although I will try to keep the list updated, some products I did not include on purpose.

For example, the K/DA Earbud, although it has the League of Legends brand, I believe other products would make a better gift for the price range.

Still, it could be a good gift depending on the situation, in the end, it is about what you believe the person might like, this list is merely some information in case you need more insight about products related to the game, that are solid great gifts.

For the tech gear presented here, they are good products by Logitech, and I have gifted them before and/or used them and can confirm that at the current state Logitech offers great products.

As a disclaimer we are not sponsored/affiliated by Logitech or Riot Games, the only affiliate links on this article are the ones to Amazon products.

For Riot Merch, you can also take a look at their Facebook as it seems like the most consistent place for news about it.

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