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What is the ideal KDA for a game of League of Legends? And is your KDA important at all? Let's take a look.

In League of Legends(and many other games), KDA is short for Kill/Death/Assist, it is what is shown during a match when you hold TAB, or on the match result after you finish a game.

As you may know, a kill is when you execute an enemy, death is when you die, and an assist is when you help to cause the death of an enemy, but someone else on your team got the last hit on that opponent.

It is normal to question at some point, if your KDA is an important statistic in the game, and if you should be looking at it to improve how you play.

As expected, the answer for something like this is subjective, but I will attempt to answer it using some available data.

Looking at some KDA data

The following stats are Draven's average ranked KDA on the period of around September 2021:

  • Iron: 2.16 kills per death
  • Bronze: 2.06 kills per death
  • Silver: 2.14 kills per death
  • Gold: 2.16 kills per death
  • Platinum: 2.15 kills per death
  • Diamond: 2.22 kills per death
  • Master: 2.33 kills per death
  • Grand Master: 2.35 kills per death
  • Challenger: 2.42 kills per death

And this is the overall KDA for all champions:

  • Iron: 1.84 kills per death
  • Bronze: 2.14 kills per death
  • Silver: 2.29 kills per death
  • Gold: 2.37 kills per death
  • Platinum: 2.44 kills per death
  • Diamond: 2.51 kills per death
  • Master: 2.59 kills per death
  • Grand Master: 2.59 kills per death
  • Challenger: 2.72 kills per death

The source of the data above is op.gg, it may change through time, and I don't guarantee any accuracy.

Do challengers kill more?

Yes... but not really! Taking a look at the data above may make you think that challengers kill more, so they have a higher KDA, and this is why they are challengers, right?

There is a missing piece of information on the data above, that you may want to look for yourself at op.gg on the period that you are looking at this article.

The data above is an average between the KDA, and it is not showing you the actual kills and deaths, just the result of kills divided by deaths.

The missing information is that kills aren't making the biggest impact on the KDA progress over the tiers. Deaths are.

The higher the tier, the lowest amount of deaths on average, and this is mathematically right!

If we ignore assists for a second, the math is:

kills / deaths

You are dividing your kills by your deaths to know your kill ratio, so each death reduces your KD!

If you have 3 kills and 3 deaths, your KD is currently 1, pretty cool? Now die once and you have 3/4, your KD is now 0.75, it decreased by 25%.

Definitely, this math can be obvious, and you go back to 1.0 if you get a kill(or assist), but the point is, dying less is also important to keep a high KDA, and higher tiers die less during a game, according to the data analyzed on the website.

Still, when some think about KDA, they directly think about kills, and killing is not the whole math, assists, and a low amount of deaths play an important role as well.

As a note, the math for the whole KDA is simply (kills + assists) / deaths, so assists are also important.

Should I try to get a high KDA?

The KDA on the Challenger and other high tiers are good values, so will getting a high KDA to increase your tier?

I would say it depends!

League of Legends is a team game, and there is much more to it than just a 3 values math value. In fact, blindly trying to improve your KDA could hurt the overall game performance.

If you play the support role, you may definitely have experienced someone with high kills on your team, and still, the game was lost, even not being support you could have gone through this.

Basic statistics don't win the game, working along your team to destroy the enemy nexus does.

What you could try to achieve as a goal, is having a consistent KDA, be it a good(hopefully), or bad value, one that increases, but isn't your priority in the game.

In short, work towards the winning objective, not on kills, sometimes getting kills will be the way to go, but there is a time when you have other priorities during a match, there is a lot of decisions to make during a League of Legends game.

And remember... dying less, and getting assists is also great.

What is a consistent KDA?

Having a consistent KDA means that this specific stat is consistent along with multiple of your games.

If your sequence of games goes like this:

2.4, 7.1, 0.5, 2.0, 0.3, 10.0

Where the KDAs of different games are separated by commas.

It is hard to see any consistency in the above example.

Compare that with this:

1.1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.15, 1.22

Both examples are exaggerated. You can observe that in the second one, there is a certain consistency between the values.

Keeping it consistent can be harder than getting high KDAs here and there.

But prioritizing consistency can help you focus on the entire aspect of the game, rather than on a kill count that can make you lose a game attempting to make its value as high as possible.

But after all, have fun! And if you have any feedback for this article, let me know, no matter in what rank you are.

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