5 most hated Dead by Daylight killers

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Dead by Daylight

Which Dead by Daylight killer do you hate the most? Certainly, everyone has their favorite and their... least favorite. But which killers get the most complaints?

Killers have different playstyles, for example, Ghostface has stealth gameplay, while Leatherface makes more noise with his chainsaw.

Having different gameplay styles, certainly changes the survivor's perspective of the game, as they are the ones who will face these killers.

With mixed opinions on which one is the most hated killer, I will list the ones that I see being mentioned the most.


Bubba Sawyer, or Leatherface, is one of the most hated Dead by Daylight killers.

Bubba is a character marked by players that use "controversial" strategies, his power allows him to instantly down a survivor, after charging his chainsaw.

On its own, Leatherface has nothing to be hated about... of course, he has a chainsaw and hunts survivors around, but all killers do that, don't they.

The controversial strategies I mention are often camping or using some perks that allow the player to quickly get many down survivors with his chainsaw.

Camping is when the killer is around the survivor, or even very close to them! And by using a perk like Insidious for example, Bubba will be undetectable, ready to put another survivor down with his chainsaw.

This and other factors you see in-game make the character hated by some players.


I'd say Spirit is a somewhat hated killer, players complain about how it's not fun to play against her.

This is subjective, but the whole "most hated killer" topic is subjective on its own, so Spirit joins the list!

Spirit is a strong killer and frequently played by good killers, which may or may not be the reason some players don't find it fun playing against her.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy is often a nightmare of the solo survivor.

His playstyle involves a mechanic that your fellow teammates quite... always forget to do.

Dream Projector is an ability that Freddy can use, it will teleport him to a chosen generation that is on the line of sight.

The cooldown of Dream Projector is reduced for each survivor in the "dream world", to get out of the dream world, survivors must find the alarm clock, but for some reason, some survivors decide to never try doing that.

Freddy is said to be hated by various players, do you hate him, or do you believe he just wants to help you take a nap?


If I mention Doctor on this list... the reason why he may be hated will instantly come to your mind.

His laughs.

The Doctor laughs all the time, he looks insane, and he insanely laughs while chasing survivors, when he's idle while casting his electrical abilities, and even on the game menu screen!

This killer successfully sells an atmosphere of a maniac laughing while chasing you around, his annoying laughs are a part of his "personality" that makes players recognize him instantly.

Some may argue that his playstyle can be annoying for survivors, but that's for you to decide!


The Deathslinger is a killer with a long-range ability.

His ability will shoot a hook towards a direction and hopefully hit a survivor, but that shooting range with a small Terror Radius makes it hard for survivors to react.

Not being able to get a fun chase with the Deathslinger makes him hated by some players.

Which Dead by Daylight killers do you hate?

This article shows certain killers that I see complaints about the most!

You could have a totally different view of them and maybe love playing against these killers while disliking others that weren't mentioned.

And when I say that a killer is "hated" keep in mind that it is just a subjective concept and partly from what I could gather from community feedback and discussions, and I am talking about disliking to play against the character, not the person playing the character.

Feel free to send any feedback about the list!

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