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Review of MrClean.exe, an indie psychological horror game that you can play for free.

I recently played MrClean.exe and decided to share my thoughts about the game.

Introduction to the game

I saw MrClean.exe on Itchio, released 9 days before the time of this writing.

There isn't a long description for the game besides the credits and a somewhat creepy introduction from who I believe would be MrClean himself talking.

The game has a well-done picture of who I think is MrClean, that looks retro or someone who got out of a stock picture.

MrClean is tagged as Horror, PSX, and Psychological Horror on Itchio.

The game was made by MWAC using Unreal Engine and you can play it on Windows.

MrClean.exe on Itchio

The gameplay

At the start of MrClean.exe, you just wake up after sleeping on a bed on the floor, next to MrClean, who is sitting on a stool while looking at you.

You understand the gameplay quickly, there are a few rooms, and each one has some kind of mess for you to clean.

Each kind of mess will have one or another way to be cleaned, and some of them may need two tools to do the job.

In each room, there is MrClean (I believe) and he talks to you about the mess or gives some advice on how to clean it, and then asks you to proceed to the next room.

After you clean all rooms, your character sleeps and you will wake up in the initial room again.

It gets creepier after the initial clean, where everything is alright and the game turns dark, but in a subtle way, rather than cheap jump scares and such.

MrClean.exe mirror and stool screenshot

The game is very short and has two endings, to get both endings you have to play again from the start, but it doesn't take long.

The good

I recommend taking a look at the game, it is creepy in its uniqueness, the lack of description and details about the game, its shortness, and no explaining of anything (press E to use and talk in the game!) makes it a good psychological horror game.

MrClean.exe excels in selling psychological horror by being weird, and funny in some way.

Graphic-wise, the game has the PSX style and is tagged as such (I know some people don't like the style, so it's great to have it tagged), the styles are consistent and get the job done.

  • It's a free solid game, with a fun short story to play through
  • The game has a great little intro and ending song
  • Small gameplay puzzle with the tools and cleaning
  • Different endings, so after your first playthrough, you can go back and try to know how to find the other ending
  • Weird game
  • Great potential and would play more of it!

The bad

The game runs fine and I didn't have any major problems performance-wise.

It could be a bit longer and it is not described as being short, but I don't think that's a big problem, the game is available for free, and for an indie game to be short but consistent, that's better than a long game without quality.

The multiple endings are a clever way to put some replayability into the game and could be explored more.

  • Without spoiling, I believe that the endings are quite similar
  • I clipped through the map on the second scene by walking backward from the spawn point, but as the game is short, that's not that big of a deal

Final thoughts on MrClean.exe

The game is awesome and I recommend trying it.

MrClean.exe screenshot of player holding a hammer with blood on the floor

It's a short psychological horror experience that will put you to clean some rooms.

This article is merely my opinion, so make your thoughts about the game by playing it yourself, I think it's a great game because it's a short fun experience.

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