New World: Launch Error 25 [FIX]

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If you are having trouble with the New World Launch Error 25, we got you! Take a look at possible solutions for the problem that can make you unable to play the game.

The Launch Error 25 won't let you even start the game, this is because the error occurs while the game is launching, thus the name, and it can be difficult to know at first why it happens.

Reading the error message you will notice that it has some help on there, and something about the Easy Anti-Cheat, let's understand more about what is and why it can be happening.

If you were able to play the game normally on a past date, try to think if you changed something on your computer and revert that change if possible as it can end up fixing the problem depending on the situation.

What is the New World Launch Error 25?

The Launch Error 25 is a New World error mostly related to Easy Anti-Cheat, although it may have other causes.

The error is presented as the following:

Launch Error (25) Couldn't start the game We're sorry, we had a problem starting your game. Please help us by reporting this issue. Error Code: 25 (Game client encountered an application error. (Error Code: 25)) Easy Anti-Cheat can check online for a solution for the problem and try to help in resolving it.

Easy Anti-Cheat is a service used by many games to avoid the game being tampered with, and counter cheating and hacking on these games.

New World is one of the many games that use Easy Anti-Cheat, and sometimes the anti-cheat service can cause problems due to certain conditions.

On the Launch Error message, you can click on "Show details" and check if any information there says the exact reason for the issue.

How to fix the Launch Error 25

Before trying to fix the Launch Error 25, make sure you do the following first:

Update Windows

  1. On the Windows start menu, search for Windows Update and click on the first option
  2. Click on Check for updates and see if there is anything to install
  3. Restart your computer if needed

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

  1. Go to the Visual C++ Redistributables download page
  2. Over the "Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022" section click on the respective download link for your architecture, most of the time it will be X64
  3. Open the downloaded file and progress with the installation

After you make sure your Windows is updated and you have the Microsoft Visual C++ used to run Easy Anti-Cheat, try to play the game normally and see if that was it!

If you still get the error 25 after that, try the below solutions.

Run Steam as administrator

Close Steam, right-click the Steam icon on your desktop, and choose "Run as administrator". Use the play button from the Steam library

Verify the integrity of New World files

  • Go to your Steam library and right-click on New World
  • Click on Properties and select Local Files
  • Click on the button that says "Verify integrity of game files..." and wait until it is finished

Check for background apps that could cause the error

Sometimes another app is causing the error because as Easy Anti-Cheat has to detect malicious software on your system, it can have a false positive that causes the game to crash, or simply any program that malfunction with it.

Close anything that you aren't using and try to open the game, be very strict when solving the error, close even applications like Google Chrome, Discord, Skype, and others.

You can also use the task manager to check a list of processes running on your computer, it will allow you to end any unnecessary task.

  • Press the Windows key and R to open the run window
  • Type taskmgr.exe there, and press enter
  • The task manager has a few tabs on the top of the application, click on the one where it says Details
  • Now you have a list of running tasks, you can end any of them by right-clicking and clicking on End Task
  • Only end tasks that you know what it is for, and don't end SYSTEM tasks, do that at your own risk!

Check if your antivirus is causing troubles

Sometimes your antivirus can have blocked one or another file that New World and/or Easy Anti-Cheat requires to run, being a false positive.

The workaround for this problem will depend on the antivirus that you are using, check your antivirus quarantine and whitelist the New World folder there.

You can also temporarily disable your antivirus to check if it solves the issue, but you may have to verify the integrity of your game again if the antivirus messed up with some files.

Update your drivers

Making sure your drivers are updated can sometimes be a good idea for this issue, to do that, you can download a solution like Driver Easy to update your drivers, or manually.

If you want to manually download drivers for your computer, do the following:

  1. Download CPU-Z or any application that can list your hardware components. You can download CPU-Z here
  2. After downloading and installing, open CPU-Z as administrator
  3. Click on the Graphics tab and take note of the "Name" field over the GPU fieldset, that is the name of your graphics card
  4. Click on the Mainboard tab and take note of the Model of your motherboard

With the name of your components, you can search for them and check for drivers on the manufacturer's website.

Only download drivers from the official manufacturer websites, CPU-Z also shows you the name of other components if it's useful for you.

What to do if I can't solve a New World error

If you cannot solve the Launch Error, go over the New World support page and contact them! Below this article, you can see the link to a previous article on another New World error, where I explain how to use the support page if you're in trouble.

If you got to know of any new solutions for this problem, please keep me informed and I will update this article. Have fun in New World!

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