Overwhelmingly good indie games coming out

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There is a lot of good indie games coming out this year, some introducing creative mechanics never seen before, or concepts and ideas that are well implemented. We will take a look on released and upcoming games that are worth giving a shot.

Rain on Your Parade

Just released on April 15, Rain on Your Parade is a comedy game in which you play a charismatic cardboard cloud who wants to ruin everyone's day. The game has over 50 levels and a whole lot of content to do, you unlock new skills and game mechanics as you progress, the levels are stunning and the amount of creativity and passion in its design is contagious.

You can check out Rain on Your Parade on steam. The game has a free demo for download.


A yet to be released challenging game, in SCHiM you jump through shadows in a beautiful platformer where the environment plays a big role in your progress.

My little shadow game is still in development, here is an older scene with some updated graphics 🖼️#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame pic.twitter.com/x7u0pYrhLd

— Ewoud (@Ewoud3D) September 19, 2020

You can check out SCHiM on steam.


Webbed is an adventure game where you play a spider who wants to save her boyfriend, the game has cool looking animations, mechanics and apparently a very exciting gameplay with a lot of challenges and discoveries.

You can check out Webbed on Steam, the game is planned to be released this year.

Toodee and Topdee

In Toodee and Topdee you will find two dimensional puzzles, a challenging game that alternates besides 2D platforming and top down. The game has hand-crafted art and animations, as well as interesting boss fights.

The release date is yet to be announced, but you can check it out on Steam.


SONG of IRON is a stunning sidescroller with awesome combat, planned to be released mid 2021. The game has a beautiful atmosphere and innovative mechanics introduced to the sidescroller concept, definitelyworth checking out.

You can check it out on Steam.

This is it for this list, most of these games are coming out soon this year and they look promising, I suggest wishlisting the ones you pretend to play upon release.

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