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“There are only so many words that can describe excellence.”


Piglin Host is a hosting provider for Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition, and it also has to host Discord bots.

A game hosting provider is used to ease the setup of making a server for a multiplayer game. Minecraft as an example is a game that can run on different software and be customized on the server using plugins, so a hosting provider can make the life of the server admin easier.

These are some important questions to ask yourself when looking for a hosting provider:

  • Are the specifications of the machine being offered, fair for the price?
  • Is the support of the hosting provider good?
  • What are other users talking about this hosting provider, it has good experiences?

With that in mind, I'll proceed with my review of Piglin Host, the review is being written on 26/6/22, so if you read in the future, be aware that this may not reflect the current information.

Update (7/3/22): I contacted Piglin Host in regards to some information I could not find right away on the website. For the RAM Piglin Host uses DDR4, and for the CPU, the standard is to have at least a minimum of 3.7-4.0GHz base clock speed.

I was expecting the DDR4 instead of DDR3 as it is pretty much a standard these days, but specifically for the processor, I wanted to know the clock, and the standard minimum of 3.7GHz-4.0GHz is great.

Another point I was informed about is the 1.17.1 limitation. Now the limitation is only for the 2GB RAM package because 1.18/1.19 demands more resources, something that makes sense to me, and it is better than just selling you the package without telling you that you need more resources.

So with this new information some of the negative points I first pointed out are taken away, I recommended the host before as these were minor information/specification doubts, and now that they are clarified I can only recommend them more.

Are Piglin Host servers good?

Piglin Host has several plans, I'll be analyzing the ones for Minecraft Java Edition, which I believe has a high demand.

The cheapest plan is named Iron and it costs 7USD or 5GBP a month.

From the time I'm writing this, these are the specs for the Iron plan:

  • 2GB Dedicated RAM
  • 5GB nVMe SSD
  • Minecraft 1.17.1 or Below

One thing that I miss from the plans is the CPU, I couldn't find it on the plans page. Another thing is that they also don't mention the RAM speed.

For $7 I can say that the Piglin Host Iron plan is excellent, here is why:

  • 2GB Dedicated RAM is something I don't see on other hosts, not for this price, some will give you less than 1GB RAM for this price
  • They mention that the RAM is dedicated, this RAM is for your use and you won't have fewer resources if someone else is using this RAM
  • 5GB storage may throw you off, but this is an SSD nVMe storage, NVMe stands for nonvolatile memory express, this is enterprise memory. I will elaborate on this below.

So yes, take a look at similar servers and you can confirm that the price is fair for what is offered.

I am not aware why this plan is limited to Minecraft 1.17.1 or Below but this might be due to increased hardware usage on newer versions, or something else specific to Minecraft.

For the most popular plan on Piglin Host for Minecraft, it is called Gold, and these are the specifications:

  • 4GB Dedicated RAM
  • 15GB nVMe SSD
  • Minecraft 1.19 Supported (probably will follow the latest version available)

This plan is available for 14 USD or 10GBP a month, so it's two times the basic plan.

If you take the considerations I made before, you can see that you are getting 3 times more storage and two times the RAM, I will consider this still a fair price.

As a more specific note, I saw a SUMMER coupon on the website, so take a look at these if you are someone who enjoys using coupons.

Why less SSD is better than more HD on Minecraft servers?

SSDs are faster than the regular hard disks.

According to AVG they can read up to 10 times faster and write up to 20 times faster.

When choosing a server, you should not just pick the highest number for storage, you need to pay attention to what technology this storage is using.

If you get 500GB of slow storage for your Minecraft server, this will probably be unused storage, so you are wasting resources that could be allocated somewhere else.

If you are worried about the storage not being enough, you can try to use a plugin like WorldBorder, and make a hard limit of where the players can go.

A plugin like WorldBorder will also process the world in a single go, and sometimes with a few GB, you already have a fair amount of space.

For a Minecraft server, I recommend going for storage speed.

How is the PiglinHost customer support?

PiglinHost has three methods of contact.

  • Create a support ticket
  • Talk to them on Discord
  • Sending an email

Support tickets and emails are a standard, but the Discord looks like a good addition.

On the website TrustPilot, PiglinHost is rated excellent and most of them are talking good things about customer support.

On social platforms like Reddit, PiglinHost does not seems to be mentioned a lot, but all the times it is mentioned it looks to be a positive experience.

What can be negative about Piglin Host

If I would mention negative points it would be what I said above, about some details not being on the plan's information, but these are more of a technical addition rather than a problem.

Another aspect is that it still has to grow more in popularity compared to other hosts, but I don't think this is entirely on them as they seem to be doing a good job.

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