Scary indie horror games to play on August 2021

First Winter screenshot showing a radio

First Winter

Indie horror is loved by many, and not without reason, this genre can either fall in the masterpiece or the goofy experience, with downright chilling themes that the AAA is scared to put out or some asset flips.

If you're looking for great indie horror titles, you're welcome, let's take a look at the best indie horror to play this month.

Fear and Hunger: Termina

This is an unsettling j-RPG game, it has dark themes, lore, and a slow burn horror atmosphere, you're free to explore and do your own choices. The game has different characters and each has a unique story, from there you define your path, in a city where things aren't going well.

The gameplay is perfect for RPG lovers, turn-based battles but with systems that go over the usuals.

This game is age-restricted! It is also in the beta development stage.

Play Fear and Hunger: Termina beta on itchio


The ocean is a mysterious place, which we do not know a lot about, surprisingly, not many titles explore this theme. BOWELS of the OCEAN is a game inspired by Squirrel Stapler, Feed Me Billy, and 90' hunting simulators. In this aquatic nightmare, you will hunt fish, but not for you...

Get Bowels of the Ocean on itchio

The Baby in Yellow

In this indie horror, you play as a babysitter, where you will take care of a baby who is scarier than he looks. Feed the baby, take care of the baby, and stay sane and alive while you play The Baby in Yellow.

The atmosphere is goofy looking when you start playing, but it becomes weird quickly.

Play The Baby in Yellow on itchio

Food For Pigs

This is a chilling horror game, the atmosphere of Food For Pigs is dark and creepy, "A GOOD FARMER ALWAYS FEEDS HIS PIGS". The game has a retro look and the ambiance is on point with its theme, but don't worry, it's just a pig feeding simulator...

Play Food For Pigs on itchio

Wrong Floor

Short horror game with a very dark mood, can you get out... alive? The one who lives in the basement doesn't like your presence, and he is terrifying.

Play Wrong Floor on itchio

The Tower

Follow the tower, find the torches, get back alive, sounds simple right? This is a creepy-looking stylish short game where you will have to run from the tower.

Play The Tower on itchio

Dead Containment

The action-packed survival horror game, Dead Containment is inspired by the arcade classic House of the Dead, you can play it with a friend(and this is a game we missed in our multiplayer horror games!), has an awesome atmosphere with its authentic look and a player-driven path!

Play Dead Containment on itchio

The Missing Parts of Maria Gwozdek

This game has a Visual Novel style and it has an unsettling atmosphere, it tells the story of Maria Gwozdek, a woman who lost her job and is going to be kicked out of her apartment after one week, and if that isn't stressful enough, her mother is ill. With all of this happening in her life, a mysterious stranger appears, and this stranger will realize anything she wishes, but each wish has a price, one of her organs...

Beware, this game creeps out a lot of people

Play The Missing Parts of Maria Growzdek at itchio

I'm on observation duty

This is a great horror game that manages to be spooky and funny at the same time, I'm on observation duty is a game by Zaster, where you have to identify and report anomalies, be cautious with your reports, and know exactly what kind of anomaly you are dealing with because you don't have a lot of time left...

The game also has two sequels, in which you play from different perspectives while keeping the weird atmosphere of I'm on observation duty.

Are you ready to get on observation duty?

I'm on observation duty is available on itchio

Close Your Eyes

A spooky horror game where you're only safe if you close your eyes. Close Your Eyes has an interesting plot and follows a unique idea, just close your eyes!

Play Close Your Eyes on itchio

First Winter

First Winter is a first-person cold war themed horror game with retro style. The game has a solid plot and gameplay, is well-produced and its atmosphere is truly scary.

First Winter is made by Dan Sanderson, being a remake of the game Pacific, also an acclaimed title.

Play First Winter on itchio


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