Smite: Gods with the most skins [DECEMBER 2021]

Smite Neith default skin


What is the SMITE god with most skins? Here's a list of the gods who hold the highest amount of skins.

Why do some gods have more skins than others?

In the end, the developers decide which god will get a new skin, but it seems like there is common sense in place.

Gods that have been in the game since early release tend to have more skins, they have been there for longer and went through multiple events and occasions that may have given them more skins.

Popularity is complicated to define, but if you take Loki as an example, the god has 22 skins, Loki is a popular god in different media and it makes sense if he is considered more popular thus gets more attention.

If you take a look at Charybdis for example, the god has only 6 skins in December 2021, but it was just released on August 24, it may take some time for the god to get more popularity in the game and go through events that will bring skins.

Neith: 24 skins

Neith is an Egyptian god that wields a bow.

In December 2021 Neith is currently the god with most skins on Smite.

Neith is a god released on February 13, 2013, it makes sense for her to have the most skins on Smite.

Besides being in the game for a good while, she is a god that newbies first start playing, as she is part of the free gods available, so she gets understandable attention with skins.

What kind of skin do you look for? A pirate? A nurse? A Carnaval one? Neith has a deck of skins available for all occasions!

Scylla: 23 skins

Scylla is a Greek god, known for having hounds around her.

With 23 skins, Scylla follows Neith to hold the crown of most in-game skins.

Scylla skins are very creative and they often change the hounds to be something else, like skeletons, dragons, and more.

Loki: 22 skins

Loki is the trickster god from Norse mythology, in-game he has horns and two daggers.

He has a wide range of skins that can completely change his look, from Pumpkin Head to Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Along with Ymir, he is the male god with most skins in the game.

Ymir: 22 skins

Ymir is another god from Norse mythology, he is a free guardian god to play in SMITE that looks like a frost giant.

Ymir skins often will change the character's main color aspect, from his default blue to another color, and may also completely change him into a butcher or a machine.

SMITE gods with 21 skins

6 gods currently have reached the mark of 21 skins.

  • Ares
  • Athena
  • Chaac
  • Nemesis
  • Nu Wa
  • Ra

SMITE is a game with a high count of different characters to play with, so it can be surprising to see how many gods have a good amount of skins, there are over 1600 skins in the game in total.

SMITE gods with 20 skins

There are 6 gods with 20 skins.

  • Anubis
  • Bellona
  • Kukulkan
  • Thanatos
  • Thor
  • Zeus

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