Smite: How to say You Rock

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In SMITE you may have noticed players saying YOU ROCK and other voice lines, let's take a look at how to say You Rock, and other voice commands.

Many different games have adopted an in-game system for players to communicate with each other using voice commands.

Apex Legends, for example, uses a wheel with voice commands that allow players to ping items, warn allies about enemies, and more.

SMITE is no different, being a MOBA and requiring strategic teamplay makes it a great place to implement a voice system.

What is the SMITE Voice Guided System

Smite has voice commands available in the Smite Voice Guided System, also known as VGS.

The VGS allows players to quickly communicate with each other without having to type anything in chat. With a few key presses, you can make your character say an important message to other players on your team.

Knowing how to use the VGS will allow you to voice your strategies, and complete the challenge for You Rock or any other voice command quest that may be active.

SMITE has an official YouTube channel where they teach different aspects of the game, and they go over the Voice Guided System and other aspects, so it is recommended to take a look at their channel if you are new to the game.

How to say You Rock in SMITE

SMITE is a cross-platform game, you can play it on PC or console, so the way you use the Voice Guided System is different.

To say You Rock on Windows: press V, E, and R

To say You Rock on PS4: press Triangle, Square, and Circle

To say You Rock on XBOX: press Y, X, and B

To say You Rock on Switch: press X, Y, and A

That's it for the You Rock voice.

After you know how to do the You Rock, you can simply experiment around with the other voices, most voices offer meaningful insight into what you want to express, so don't be afraid to try it in-game.

If you have any troubles with these keys, you can change the initial key to press to open the voice system on the settings at the platform you're using, the keys listed above are the default, but that doesn't mean you can't change it.

When to say You Rock

Sometimes You Rock or other voices can be into a battle pass quest.

You Rock is a compliment, so it should be intuitive when you'd use it, you are not required to use any of these voices though.

You Rock is also spammed by certain players, who will send it, again and again, in-game, after an ally loses or do a mistake, so the voice system can be a two-sided blade.

By any means you use the Voice Guided System, if you want to give your teammates a good SMITE experience, do not overdo it, wait for a little delay before sending more than one voice command.

As a small tip for the other voice lines, try to be the least generic as possible.

For example: instead of saying "Attack!" say "Attack left lane!"

That will allow your teammates to extract as much information as possible from a single voice line you are using.

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