Steam accidental report, don't fall for this scam!

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You receive a random message on Discord, or any other social platform, saying that you were reported by accident, and now there are some things you must do, should you trust it?

Definitely don't trust any message you get on Discord.

No matter what they tell you, or what they do to try and sound convincing, it is a scam, and you should not click on any link they send you.

This technique is not new

This comes back from the email spam days when a prince would message you saying you won 10.000 USD, but first, you have to send 1000 USD to prove it is truly you.

The difference is that the "new" scams are going on a personal level, the scammers will directly send you messages, for now on Discord, but on any available social platform, and pretend that they work for Steam. Scammers even make up fake websites, that you should avoid at all costs.

One of the techniques to attempt and get your trust is by sending a screenshot of your Steam page, to try and make you believe that they are a real user or Steam administrators.

There are many ways on how someone could find your Steam account:

  • It could be easily searchable because your Discord name is very similar to your Steam account
  • You could have written your Discord on your Steam page
  • Your Discord is connected to Steam, so everyone can publicly see your Discord
  • They picked a random Steam account with a lot of games, or items that could be valuable for them, and they brute-forced nickname combinations for Discord(less likely, but bots do add randoms on Discord)
  • Any other reason! There are many ways to get someone Steam page, you shouldn't be surprised by that in almost all situations

Sending your Steam page doesn't also mean you have been compromised, remember, these people are trying to scam you, if they had your info they wouldn't be trying to get more from you!

What if they are legit, and really work for Steam or another company?

If you get caught on surprise, and question if this is legit or not, do not worry... there is no reason to even question if that is legit!

  • Employers from Steam, or any other company, won't ever DM you in Discord, that's awful! No company will communicate to you like that
  • If you really are doubting, and won't rest your head because of this, you must stop talking to them and do the following: reach out to Steam support, and they will promptly tell you that you are talking to a scammer!
  • If they claim to be from another company, search for the support contact of that company, and talk to them, again, only if you have doubts that it is a scammer, but it shouldn't be needed as it truly is a scammer!

You can also try and email Discord at [email protected].

What if they reported me by accident?

This is the weakest "attempt" of scamming someone, if you got reported by accident, Steam will review it, and nothing will happen.

But if you are unsure about it, do the same, contact Steam support directly and talk to them there, not with someone in your direct messages.

If you could just report someone, and they lose their account or certain features on their account, Steam would be in chaos!

What should I do if a scammer talked to me?

Block them immediately. You can also report their account if you want.

But absolutely do not talk to them, or click any link, or download anything they send you, that can compromise your data.

The scammer wants to trick you into doing something, so they can steal access to one or more of your accounts, or passwords, it is really up to what their intentions are. These latest scams focus on stealing Steam account, but that doesn't mean someone can try to steal your Discord or any other account.

So block these scammers! If they are on a server you have in common, you could warn your friends that there is a scammer around.

But again: Block them! If you don't know how to do it, check this guide by Discord: Discord blocking settings

I clicked on a link a scammer sent me

If you clicked on a link, it may or not be bad, depending on what they are getting from that link.

If you downloaded a file, that is pretty bad.

But first: If you think a scammer compromised your account, block them! Do not forget that step, nothing of value comes from keeping in contact with a scammer.

What to do if you clicked in a link(or related) a scammer sent you:

  • Make sure Windows Defender is working, in case you downloaded something from the site. You can also try an antivirus like MalwareBytes, not an ad! You can use it for a quick scan.
  • Change your Discord password, and your Steam password: Changing password will often destroy your session on websites, so if an attacker stole your session this will also help
  • Enable Two-Factor authentication, especially on Steam: A mobile authenticator is a great way of protecting your accounts, you can use 2FA on Discord, and on Steam

You may also consider changing the password for all connected accounts on your browser that clicked the link, and 2FA if you think it is also appropriate. Why all logged-in accounts? Opening the stranger website can compromise your browser, including all connected accounts, although the specific websites could mitigate this, it is good to be sure for yourself.

Change your email password that is used for the accounts!

I downloaded something from the scammer and potentially run a file

This is potentially the worse scenario, your computer could be vulnerable.

I recommend that you run a quick antivirus scan, and reformat your computer(reinstall Windows).

Also, do the "I clicked on a link a scammer sent me" steps above on a safe machine, or your mobile phone, if you don't have any other device, do the above steps after you reformat your drive.

As a reminder, you could have downloaded a file from the link the scammer sent you.

Stay safe online, and don't trust strangers

Hopefully, this article will clear your doubts about the new scams going around, potentially helping you from falling into one of these scams.

As a disclaimer, the advice I give here could be not the best for your situation, but from a simple overview, this is what I would do under given circumstances.

You could have downloaded something from the scammer, and your antivirus blocked it instantly, but as the writer of this article, I am not there to know that it's your case! Regardless, I would do the above steps anyway, just to be sure I'm safe.

If you have any feedback or doubt about this article, let us know, stay safe!

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