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Teamfight Tactics

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is a game of auto chess, it is almost a card game but it is not, in Teamfight Tactics - often called TFT - you will build a team of champions from the game League of Legends, choosing their position on the battlefield, getting items, and upgrading them.

After a planning phase where you arrange your champions, they will battle a random opponent in the match, the teams will auto-attack each other depending on the order they are placed by the players, and the items, upgrades, and champion combinations will decide the outcome of the match.

The game is more than just a League of Legends mini-game, it has its balance, strategies, and community, having its category on popular streaming platforms and even competitive scenes.

Teamfight Tactics is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, with cross-play between them, making a fun way to engage in a game with your friends who aren't PC gamers.

How is a game of Teamfight Tactics?

Once you first start playing, you will see a lot of champions rounding in a circle with items above them, that is called a Carosel, it is a free rotation of champions where each player can take one by walking over the champion they want to join their team. The Carosel also will appear through the game, and after the first one, the priority on the Carosel is given to the players with fewer health points, allowing them to get the best champion or item available.

The game will first put you in a battle against League of Legends neutral creatures, those are controlled by AI, they give you random rewards with different rarity, being either items, champions, or gold.

Items can be equipped into champions by dragging them over the champion you want it to be equipped, champions are dragged to a hexagon in the battlefield to place them strategically, and gold is used to level up your character, buy champions, or refresh the champions you can buy by paying two gold coins.

Upon each battle your experience and gold will increase, allowing you to make choices on the management of your team, each level you get will expand your team in one slot, allowing a new champion in the battlefield, buying the same champion more than one time will allow the champions to level up and potentially lower the number of champions currently in the battlefield.

After winning a battle, you will deal damage to your opponent reducing their current health points, upon zero they are removed from the match or can become spectators. Winning a lot of battles in a row will put you on fire, giving bonus gold, the 1st place winner will be the last standing player.

How to play Teamfight Tactics

Like any good strategy game, to win in Teamfight Tactics you will have to plan out your game and make good decisions to be able to take out your opponents.

A team, also often called a comp, is a set of champions with good in-game synergy, this can be due to their abilities or synergy, exactly! Synergy is a thing in this game, you can have champions who are for example Sorcerers, and putting sorcerers to fight together will give you some kind of bonus, there is a lot of synergies so you don't get as limited as it seems, it gives the game a good way to balance itself.

It is very good to know what team you plan to play, but it is also good to be able to know what team will shine in a certain game, and get to know if you have the opportunity to make that team.

Below are some small tips over the usual Teamfight Tactics gameplay that can help you to understand more about what is going on:

  • At the start of the game, pick a champion who you hope to be able to make a team that works well with them or a champion holding a great item, which you can later sell to have their item used by another champion you plan to buy.
  • If you played League of Legends before, you may have good knowledge on how each champion works, if they are melee or ranged, if they are squishy or a tank and this can assist you in placing champions in a good hexagon. You don't want all of your tanks in the last row being unable to protect your squishy champions. If you didn't play League, don't worry, you will get used to this pretty fast, but the key point here is to place your champions wisely.
  • Right-click champions to be able to read their abilities and synergies, it is very important when you are getting started in TFT to understand how most of the champions work, this way you can know better what to do against your opponents.
  • Synergies help you with bonuses when you have a certain amount of champions who share them currently on your battlefield. Getting champions who share synergies is a quick way to improve in the game. You can look at the left side of the screen to know what synergies you currently have and which ones you're close to active.
  • Put your items on a few champions only, usually, only two champions will have all the items you got through the game, in some other cases, you have the items distributed through multiple champions, but fewer builds do that, so know what you're doing!
  • Upgrade your champions! You should always be looking to upgrade your champions, in special, the ones you put your items on, to do that, you need to buy more "copies" of the champion, once you get three copies of your champion, they will combine into a stronger version of that champion, and once you have three level two champions, you will combine into a level three champion. Leveled-up champions are stronger and have a big impact on the game.
  • Know where your opponents placed their team, you can take a look at what other players are doing by moving the minimap on the bottom right side of the screen, this is very important close to the end of the game, cause you can place your champions in very specific positions to achieve a better matchup.

Teamfight Tactics missions do not give League of Legends rewards and you don't exactly need to play League of Legends at all, the game also has skins and those are applied to your Little Legend. TFT has its own Battle Pass style missions which also give you rewards, for those interested in getting more little legends skins.

It is easy to get started on Teamfight Tactics, but the game is very challenging to master, practicing is the best way to learn all aspects of the game and how people are ranking up!

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