The best places to find a desktop wallpaper

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What are the best wallpaper websites?

Have you ever wondered around looking for beautiful desktop wallpaper and simply can't find it? Or nothing that you look up online is better than the one you're using, but got tired of it? Fear not, this article is for you, we will see the best places to find a good desktop wallpaper(although they can be easily edited for mobile). If you know other websites feel free to reach us on Twitter with your suggestion, and we'll add it to the list.


Wallhaven screenshot

Wallhaven homepage

Wallhaven is a website focused on wallpapers, from the time of this writing, it has over 830,000 wallpapers, the website has user uploaded content so it gets new wallpapers at a fast speed. If wallpapers were an industry, Wallhaven would be the big guy leading it.


  • High-resolution wallpapers
  • Multiple resolutions available for each file
  • User-uploaded content
  • Perfect filtering and search overall
  • Users can rank wallpapers they like, and that can be used as a quality filter
  • Great user experience
  • The website has accounts where you can save, create lists, and more, with wallpapers you like.
  • Pagination allows links to pages to be copied
  • No download limit or paid features(as far as we are aware).
  • Even a forum for discussions in the community, if you're into that


  • The website allows not safe for work content, which sometimes may come up in the restricted browsing, however, this may happen to any website with user-content
  • Can get slow on mobile
  • User-uploaded content means very little information about licenses on the images, although, in fact, nobody considers that when picking wallpapers
  • Could use a better way to browse tags(?)

(?) means maybe it is fine the way it is



Unsplash screenshot

Unsplash homepage

Unsplash is a website where creators from all around the world can upload pictures, and they're usually free to use. Although the main focus of the website is not wallpapers, some pictures may be what you're looking for


  • High-resolution wallpapers
  • Three different resolutions for the files and the original available
  • Content can have very permissive licenses
  • User-uploaded and user-created content
  • Shows related photos to the wallpaper you're browsing
  • Collections of wallpapers made by users
  • Also has no limits on downloads or paid features
  • Easier to know who took the picture


  • Only three custom resolutions for pictures
  • Few resolutions won't work for many desktops
  • Few ways to filter content
  • Website focus isn't wallpapers, so you may see pictures that don't match really what you were searching for and related things



WallpapersCraft screenshot

WallpapersCraft homepage

WallpapersCraft is a website focused on delivering wallpapers of all kinds, it's straight forward


  • Most simple design between all websites in this list, making it really easy to use
  • Well defined tags and a lot of content for them
  • A very big list of resolutions to pick from, even for tablets and mobile devices
  • License information available
  • Source of the pictures available
  • Good rating system


  • Less content compared to user-upload websites
  • Limited sorting and filtering
  • Although easy to use it has fewer categories compared with other websites



Simple Wallpaper screenshot

SimpleDesktops homepage

SimpleDesktops has a lot of minimalist design wallpapers, the website is the best place to find this kind of wallpaper, often they consist of base color and an illustration.


  • The best place to find basic wallpapers
  • Wallpapers available for mobile
  • High-resolution wallpapers


  • You cannot download the wallpapers in different resolutions
  • For devices other than PC you may have to download an app
  • No HTTPS on the website


Cool Backgrounds website screenshot

CoolBackgrounds homepage

CoolBackgrounds is a neat website where you can generate backgrounds by selecting a type and colors, it's great for those who want something abstract.


  • Abstract customizable wallpapers of triangles, particles, gradients, and gradient topography.
  • Customizable colors for the wallpapers
  • Randomly generated images


  • Not really much to put here as it falls under a niche compared to others


Wrapping it up

This is our recommendation, hoping it will help you in your next wallpaper hunting, there is a whole lot of other websites that also have great wallpapers so don't be stuck in this list. For mobile wallpapers often some app will be your best bet, however, you can easily crop high-resolution wallpapers to fit your screen.

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