The Dead by Daylight NFT controversy [UPDATED OCTOBER 19]

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What is an NFT and why Dead by Daylight is going through a backslash because of it? Players aren't happy with the use of NFTs in the game, and Steam doesn't really like crypto on the platform, should you be concerned?

Dead by Daylight announced on their Twitter their work with Boss Protocol, which will adapt in-game models to use as NFTs, unhappy players did not like that, and some are asking for refunds.

What is an NFT?

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, this isn't an article to teach about NFT, but it's good to know what they are to understand the reception that Dead by Daylight's NFTs is getting.

Imagine if you draw a little stickman figure in paint and send it to a friend.

Well... your friend now has the little stickman figure, if your friend now says they created the stickman figure, how are you gonna prove that they are lying?

You could use the sent messages, a selfie of you with your beautiful artwork, and so on, depending on the context, but let's suppose that this isn't possible in this situation.

So we need something that says: "This image is unique, it belongs to you".

If someone draws the same image on their computer, with every pixel on the exact spot, the image would still belong to you!

NFTs are a way to prove uniqueness and not just that, they prove uniqueness in a decentralized system, there isn't a company saying what is unique and what is not.

The case against NFTs

How this whole thing can work? You're able to prove that something is original, and it is not a company deciding it.

Most NFTs, and including the ones involved in the Dead by Daylight polemic are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Keeping it not technical, to have a trustable way to say that someone owns an NFT, we need to let everyone access this information, and changing it must be very difficult.

The problem here is how we make it difficult to change or try to "corrupt" the information, this is done by requiring computational power.

A lot of computational power is used to confirm the legitimacy of your NFT, and after we know that this NFT belongs to you, it is put on this "blockchain".

If someone wants to fake owning an NFT that they don't own, or change it in any way, they would have to compute it all again, from the part they changed (hint: it's virtually impossible).

As the information is decentralized, it doesn't have an owner, you work on a copy of it.

NFTs and the environment

Computational power is a resource, and this can end up harming the environment.

There are multiple discussions and already existent articles on the topic, so I will keep it short here.

Here is an article about it:

There are many more articles on the subject, I don't feel the need to rephrase any of that.

NFTs and scams

This decentralized way of handling things is the same as on crypto, and if you didn't know, anyone can create their altcoin with little effort.

An altcoin is an alternative coin, often referred to being an alternative to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any other big Crypto.

As anyone can create altcoins, nothing stops people from using them to scam others into Ponzi Schemes or any other shady scheme or business practice.

There are many altcoins around, and some famous schemes of "pump and dump", and the altcoins are just an example, but this dubious feeling about them is shared with any "new thing" using a blockchain, including NFTs.

This freedom aspect of the blockchains, with few regulations by most governments, and recent controversies, raise the feeling of "it's a scam" to everything related to this topic, where one could hold the personal opinion that they are unethical in certain situations.

Dead by Daylight and NFTs

The official Dead by Daylight's Twitter account published the following:

We hear and understand the concerns you raised over NFTs. Absolutely zero blockchain tech exists in Dead by Daylight. Nor will it ever. Behaviour Interactive does not sell NFTs.

On October 19.

That clarifies that the game itself doesn't have "blockchain tech", or as you could put it, it doesn't create or sell NFTs in-game.

The critique from some players is that the game having any relation to NFTs is bad, and it's the game models being used as NFTs, some people just don't want to support anything that endorses NFTs, for their own reasons.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand more about what is going on, I tried to not be technical, and I am no expert on the topic, so feel free to give me any feedback.

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