The easiest way to mine Dogecoin, a practical guide

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What is Dogecoin all about?

Dogecoin just raises in the charts. Are you ready for the Dogecoin takeover? This article will show you how to start mining Dogecoin in a very simple way, recommended for people new to crypto coins. For this, you will need a good CPU or a GPU with at least 3GB of VRAM to be able to mine, although, you can still do it for the experience even if you don't have a very good CPU or GPU.

The basic to know

  • GPU: When I say GPU, I am talking about your graphics card, those can be integrated into your CPU or dedicated, the latter is the best one as integrated GPUs often will be very basic as they are shipped together with the CPU just for easier usage.
  • CPU: This is your processor, in simple terms, the CPU will take care of logic and GPU will do very complicated operations and video stuff
  • Hash: This is a bit of a complicated topic to explain in a few words(so I won't), just think about a hash as being a very long combination of characters, the faster your hash rate, the faster you are mining
  • Pool: The other people you will mine with, you get shares by collaborating in the pool and you're rewarded based on your contribution. Pools may charge a fee(a % in the total).

This isn't really an explanation, more like a very basic overview of those concepts, although CPU and GPU are just hardware components and having nothing to do with those, and hashes are used for other things. I recommend taking a look at those terms if you want to learn more as it's something easier to understand when you know the whole process, rather than reading a bit here and a bit there about it.

As a disclaimer, mining is intensive to the hardware, the software we will use will be on a less intensive mode, however, pay attention to your computer and be aware that we are not responsible for any damage. As a side note, most software used to mine will be blocked by antiviruses, this is due to some similar software(or even the same) being used to mine using other people's computing power, so blocking this kind of software is good for the overall normal users.

How to start mining Dogecoin?

We need a pool to be able to get any coins(unless you're using NASA computers), there are many ways to access a pool, most of them are free and will charge a small % of what you'll get, the rewards from the pool. Dogecoin's protocol is based on Luckycoin and Litecoin, other cryptocurrencies, and those use scrypt in their proof-of-work algorithm, think of scrypt as a function, a set of statements that your computer will do, miners will run that again and again, this will do some cool stuff(add blocks to the blockchain) and it's what will give us the reward, it will be distributed on the pool after a new block is discovered.

As an easy way to start, we will use unMineable, it has pools and it will point you to the software you need to use, no matter if you use your CPU or GPU, their website can give you detailed stats and they even have a referral system if you want to invite some friends.

To download unMineable, go to this page. But first I recommend creating a folder on your PC, and excluding it from your antivirus, so you can extract it there and have no issues, if you don't do that, your antivirus will probably flag the file as malware(as explained above why) and you will have to exclude it manually and try to extract again, sometimes you have to restart your computer after excluding files from your antivirus.

I recommend downloading the packed version, it has the software needed to mine out of the box, however, if it doesn't work, you can try to install the software manually, as it will be shown at the end of this article.

When first opening unMineable you will be prompted to select between your graphics card and your CPU, if your graphics card has more than 3GB VRAM, you should use it for better results, otherwise, stick with the CPU option and press Next.

Unmineable mining options

Select Dogecoin as the coin you want to mine and put your address, if you don't have one, you can quickly make one on the Dogecoin Paperwallet generator, to do that, access the website at and move your mouse around to generate entropy, basically, it is a way to generate some true(?) randomness, you can read more about that here.

After you move your mouse for a while(there's a progress bar on the side showing how much time left) you will be given two addresses, the left address on the page will be your public address, it is the shorter one, this address is the one used in transactions and so on, the right address is private and you should keep it with yourself, save both addresses either physically or in notepad.

Go back to unMineable and put your public address there and press start, if everything was done correctly, you should be ready to go! unMineable will use the miner software to start mining on their pool, you can see your Dogecoin balance and the current hash rate.

Mining on GPU is not working on unMineable

If you don't see anything happening while mining on the GPU, press the little "file" icon on the bottom of the app, you will able to see if there is a fatal error of some kind there and use that to fix the problem. Usually, when this happens the cause is not enough VRAM, as mentioned, a minimum of 3GB VRAM is required.

unMineable is not mining anything

If you noticed that nothing is happening after some time, check the "file" icon on the bottom of the app to see the error log, the most common cause is that your antivirus software blocked the mining software used by unMineable, you will need to manually exclude it and try again, sometimes you will have to restart your computer after excluding. You can also try to download the software manually.

Check the same download page for unMineable here, on the bottom you can see individual links for XMRIG and PhoenixMiner, you can try to download those manually to an excluded folder on your antivirus(move the .rar there and extract it inside). Then when you go back to unMineable, change the path of the miner to the downloaded one.

How long it takes to get 1 Dogecoin?

This depends exclusively on your CPU or GPU, if you are mining on the CPU it will probably take a long time, for GPU it will vary depending on the model. To really calculate the needed time, leave unMineable mining for a while, every 15 minutes or so it will update the calculated hashrate, then come to this page, pick the proof-of-work algorithm you are using and type your hashrate into the "Calculate your reward" box. It should give you the estimated time per day and per month.

Be aware that those are rewards calculated for unMineable, you can definitely look around for a pool of your choice.

Is it worth it to mine Dogecoin now?

It definitely is, don't you want to have a lot of coins with Doge's portrait on them? That's not a real question.

We hope this article will give some overview of Dogecoins and how to get into basic coin mining. A lot of things here were oversimplified for the sake of just leaving this article to be a little practical experience rather than real business into crypto coins. 💰📈

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