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“A creative piece of craft for the rogue-lite genre”


Today we are going to review the trial of the game Tower Princess, the game is a 3D rogue-lite where the player controls a knight who has the mission to rescue all princesses.

This review is for the trial version which is available on Steam, be aware that the game might be different from the final version and the trial is limited in different aspects. I recommend taking a look at the game when it is released to make your conclusions about it.

What kind of rogue-lite is Tower Princess?

There are different adaptations of the rogue-like and rogue-lite concepts in gaming.

Tower Princess explores the 3D environment well by having mechanics around it, this allows for good platforming. These mechanics are traps that have different forms and can be puzzling or dangerous.

Falling from the world will take some of your health points and spawn you back to proximity, this is a good way to handle falling for a rogue-lite instead of using perma-death.

For the traps, the player will take some damage instead of "permanently" dying.

Although you can lose progress when you die, the game has the usual mechanics of a rogue-lite, like powerups that are saved between runs, something that already works well for the rogue-lite genre.

Before going to a run, you can select a princess that you rescued previously, who will help you by giving you an ability that you can use.

Tower Princess is creative

The game has a clever concept and a nice execution, it makes you explore around and see what you're going to find next.

For the trial, it is not a long run, so I'll assume that after the first boss the game will keep expanding on that.

During one of my gameplays, I found a crustacean-like creature that would play prop hunt with me, it hides in some prop and when I tried to reveal it, it killed me, oopsie for me.

Crab-like creature in Tower Princess

The art style is consistent with the gameplay and the game's overall aesthetics, it starts with a story-telling mood which is always great.

I won't take you away from the game trial with spoilers, however, I will mention that the boss fight is puzzle-like, the kind of boss fight that you don't simply just punch the boss to death and instead have to think about it, it reminds me of old-school games.

This style of the boss fight might not be for everybody, however, they help to keep the game challenging and the boss fights unique, although on the trial I only had access to one boss fight.

Core mechanics

Tower Princess allows you to use abilities and items that you find through your runs.

Some abilities are linked to which weapon you are using, the musketeer, for example, will have abilities related to gunfire.

One special ability is granted by the princess you pick, and this one is more powerful but it has a longer cooldown.

Overall the mechanics play well, and the game makes good use of being a 3D rogue-lite and makes you think when to jump or not, or when to roll when going through a trap.

There is one restriction I noticed when playing the ranged knight, you cannot manually aim. This might be to restrict the player from abusing ranged weapons, but it makes you have to rely on the locked target, or then shoot at only one set height in front of your character.

Vertical mobility is something that the game does not explore much on the trial, although there may be some items that will grant this.

For the creatures, there is also a distinct way to attack and this is a decision you have to make, you might not want to lure a slime right away as it will poison the floor, but you might want to snowball on the projectile-firing creature as it can kill you fast.

A last mention on the mechanics is that I could not notice if you get invincibility frames from rolling, if that is the case, it is a nice touch, otherwise, I leave that as feedback.

Exciting expectations for the release

The trial shows an amazing title, it is a mix of old-school and modern gaming that makes you want to explore and try again after each defeat.

Exploring is something that every rogue-lite should make you want to do, Tower Princess does it well and it makes you want to know how to story follows and what princess(and ability) you are going to rescue next.

Now stop reading this review and go rescue some princesses!

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