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Trick and Death

Trick and Death is a free game available on Itchio, it incorporates the spirit of Halloween by making you play as a child asking for candy.

What is Trick and Death?

Trick and Death is an interesting Halloween-themed game available for free on Itchio, published 6 days ago from the time this article is written, close to 2021 Halloween.

The game was made by Bruno Bricchi, who has other games you can check out.

Trick and Death witch

Trick and Death is described as a short game, with an average length of around 10 minutes, with 3 different endings, and imitating the 80s Halloween, where you will play as a simple child.

The game is tagged as first-person, Halloween, horror, low-poly, and others, but I'd say it is more casual and funny than horrifying.

Trick and Death on Itchio

Trick and Death gameplay

In Trick and Death, you start the game as a usual child, going out on Halloween (around the neighborhood of course) to ask the community for candy.

There aren't puzzles or any challenging gameplay element at first, besides the difficulty you have to find candies, as you're not able to find any at all.

Trick and Death fairy kid looking for candy

Without spoiling the endings, besides the first one, that is when you ask everyone for candies in the neighborhood, and they don't give you any! In fact, some of your neighbors are rude and will call you a weird child.

The playable area is reasonable, it is protected by a fence that you can't get out, and on the open street, the game warns you that your mother doesn't want you to leave the neighborhood, lovely.

If you take a look at the game screenshots on the game Itchio page, you may notice that there is one screenshot where the kid is using a gun.

The gun part of the gameplay is quick, but still poses a challenge, it's a short period of shooting that fits well in the game and is related to some endings.

The good

Trick and Death is another awesome game released somewhat close to Halloween, with a great story.

  • Free Halloween-themed game
  • Multiple endings
  • It has a pistol gameplay
  • Graphics are low-poly, but the game consistently maintains a style
  • Content: you are thrown around in the neighborhood and have to figure out what to do, and the game has neat details, for example, the incident behind the church, other kids walking around, cars on the street, and so on
  • Great story, it's short but full of surprises, and you never know where the game is leading you to, especially the dialog with the witch and that section of the game

The bad

I don't have many bad aspects to talk about, this is a great free game, that although it has a short playthrough, it's a fun and unpredictable story, perfectly what you'd expect for a Halloween game.

Trick and Death character stuck behind fences
  • The collision on the game is quite off sometimes, I clipped off a wall because of that on the building that the witch stays, but managed to get back. I believe this is easy to fix and it does not interrupt the game completion
  • Could use a brightness slider!

Final thoughts

I recommend that you try Trick and Death.

It's a short game full of surprises, available for free. The Halloween thematic is funny and making you play as a child asking for candy is creative, and the game doesn't try to be linear.

Trick and Death is the kind of game where you never know what is going to happen next.

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