Valorant how to fix the TPM 2 error (VAN 1067)

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This is an error caused by using Windows 11 when playing Valorant. There are certain things you need to tweak before playing Valorant on Windows 11.

Lately, Valorant players have been encountering this so-called TPM 2 error, also known as the VAN 1067 error.

Errors starting with VAN often will suggest that Vanguard is the one having issues, it's something to keep in mind when trying to troubleshoot or searching for help for these errors.

Valorant and Windows 11 issue

Valorant uses Vanguard as an anti-cheat, this will attempt to prevent hackers from tampering with the game.

As Vanguard is a driver for Windows, it is a powerful anti-cheat, but great powers come with great responsibilities.

As the date of this article, Windows 11 is not officially supported by Vanguard, so you end up having to do a tweak little and there to be able to avoid errors.

The Valorant TPM error is related to the Trusted Platform Module of Windows. The functions TPM is involved with are authentication and cryptography, and others.

For Vanguard to work properly, you have to use TPM 2.0 on your system, but as the error is suggesting, you don't have it enabled!

This is how to check if you have TPM 2.0 if you want to be sure:

  1. Open Windows settings
  2. Select Update & Security
  3. Select Windows Security
  4. Select Device Security
  5. Now you need to find a section called "Security processor" if you can't see it you don't have TPM
  6. If you can see it, go ahead and select Security processor details
  7. Check for the "Specification version", if it is 2.0, you have TPM 2.0

How to enable the TPM 2.0

If you are unsure if you have to enable it, check the steps in the section above.

Enabling TPM 2.0 is something that requires some knowledge of your computer, especially the BIOS, although I show below the steps needed to enable secure boot, you will need to do steps that are specific to your motherboard.

There are resources below that will indicate the appropriate steps to take for each manufacturer, but even with that, consider contacting the support.

To enable TPM 2.0, we first need to enable secure boot:

  1. Open Windows settings
  2. Select Update & Security
  3. Select Recovery
  4. Select Restart now
  5. Select Troubleshoot
  6. Select Advanced Options
  7. Click on UEFI Firmware Settings and Restart

After you do that, you now need to follow your path based on your motherboard manufacturer.

For other manufacturers, do a search on how to enable TPM 2.0, and provide your manufacturer name, or some specification details if you're having troubles.

You can also consider contacting the support for your motherboard manufacturer, the technical support will most likely tell you how and if you can enable TPM 2.0, or give you a better resource to follow.

As a note, if you don't know what you are doing, I recommend sticking to Windows 10 for some time until Windows 11 is out for a good period of time. Messing with your BIOS can damage your computer if you don't follow the manufacturer's instructions correctly.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and you solved that awful error, but if it didn't then check the below link for Valorant support:

Valorant Support

Check if there is anything new regarding the error, and if not, submit a ticket!

If you get any new information about the VAN 1067, let me know and I will update the article.

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