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Valorant is an action-packed 5v5 shooter, where you play an agent with unique abilities, being either one of four roles, being Duelists, Sentinels, Initiators, or Controllers. Having different roles and styles, each agent will indeed bring a unique gameplay experience, and trying and learning new agents is always entertaining.

There are currently 16 Valorant agents, and if you just started Valorant, you'll be given only 2 agents for free from completing a Contract mission called Play To Unlock Free Agents, Contracts are missions that allow you to unlock more content in Valorant.

After getting the two free instant agents, you set another Contract as active and complete its first chapter to be able to unlock that agent. The problem is that after the two free agents, the contracts will be longer, it is estimated to take around one month to unlock a single agent.

It is a frequently asked question from new players about how you can unlock agents faster, and well, the fastest way is spending money, it costs $10 to fully unlock an agent, as each agent Contract need to reach Level 5 and each level costs 200 Valorant Points, which costs $2.

Unlocking agents for free is done with experience and it takes 200,000 XP to reach level 5 in an agent's specific Contract, although fully completing the contract will take way more XP, you do not need to complete it to unlock and play with the agent.

Passively playing the game will award you 100 XP per round, be it in unrated or competitive games, but if you win the round you will get 200 XP instead, so winning will give you an XP advantage.

After a match where your team did 13-0, you will win 3,900 XP, and this is not a lot if you compare with how much experience you need to unlock a single agent. 13-0 is a not very usual match score if the matchmaking is working as it should, so it is a long path to unlock a single agent.

Complete missions for more XP

Completing missions is another way to keep getting experience, there are two kinds of missions in Valorant, daily and weekly. Each mission will challenge you to do some action in the game, be it to deal a certain amount of damage, use your ultimate sometimes, or even purchase items! As it may look, you can complete the missions just by playing the game casually, they won't give you a lot of trouble.

Valorant wallpaper


Daily missions are the ones that only last 24 hours, if you fail to complete it in this period you will be assigned another mission, no matter what daily mission you were assigned, it will reward you 2,000 XP, and as you get two daily missions every day, this is 4,000 XP daily if you're able to complete your missions.

Weekly missions are 3 missions assigned to you every week, differently than the daily missions, they will give around 12,000 to 22,000 XP, being a great way to get a big amount of XP quickly.

When Valorant weekly missions reset?

It can be very confusing to realize that the Weekly challenges won't reset depending on the time you were assigned these missions or related to the completion time. The weekly missions will reset on Tuesday, the day Valorant launched was also a Tuesday, so the weekly missions started to reset 1 week after that Tuesday, and so on.

There are bugs related to the weekly missions, for example, the weekly missions resetting while you were in a match, and you lose all the progress you had on it. Another related bug is when the Valorant weekly missions stop updating, your progress isn't counted and it remains as if you didn't do anything.

Fortunately, most bugs related to the weekly missions seem to be fixed, but there could still be issues in the future, if you believe that something is wrong on their side of things you could give it a try and reach their support at

Can you get free agents from the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is a system that various games started to use, you have a free and a paid tier which will give the players rewards as they get experience in the battle pass. Players can pay a certain amount of real-life money to be able to unlock all rewards or get fewer rewards if they don't buy the Battle Pass.

Valorant is one of the games that has a Battle Pass, it rewards you with a lot of cosmetics as you earn experience. Each Valorant act will have a new Battle Pass, where all players will start from the beginning and unlock the rewards as they progress.

An act in Valorant is some sort of competitive time frame, with three acts in every Episode, and the Episodes themselves lasting around 6 months. The acts don't just bring a new Battle Pass but also a lot of new content, including new Agents and Maps.

Unfortunately, it is not common to have agents unlocked from the Battle Pass, the content there is more focused on cosmetics, like skins. It is more likely that agents won't be unlocked from the Battle Pass for now or ever, as they would be one less reward for those who already unlocked all agents.

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