VHS vs Dead by Daylight

teen hiding of a werewolf on VHS


Is VHS better than Dead by Daylight? The Dead by Daylight competitor has been gaining a lot of popularity and it made me wonder the differences between both games.

I initially thought VHS was a direct competitor to Dead by Daylight, so it would have the same gameplay and overall systems, but that is not true.

So I will add that I do not think VHS is better than Dead by Daylight, or Dead by Daylight is better than VHS, at least not objectively, the games have different systems and gameplay, while although they have some similarities, it will be a matter of personal taste to decide which one is better.

VHS popularity is growing, and as far as I can tell the hopes are up, the game is on closed early access(let me know if this changed at the time you read this article) and has been gaining the attention of Dead by Daylight players and even the most popular streamers and YouTubers that play the game.

VHS is free while Dead by Daylight is not

You don't have to pay to play VHS!

Being free is a great positive aspect, and it can severely impact the game.

By being free VHS won't have any paywall for your friends who want to try the game, the game gains more popularity, and it is accessible for most people.

Certain countries can struggle with gaming content, which is mainly entertainment, and a free game can be played anywhere gaming is possible.

But on the other side of the coin, being free requires a good anti-cheat, as players can freely create new accounts.

Being optimistic, there is no way to know how that will be handled, so we expect a good system in place. While free games allow cheaters to create new accounts, having a price is not just what keeps cheaters out of the game, which is somewhat of an issue on Dead by Daylight.

VHS has teens and monsters

VHS screenshot showing werewolf on the left side and a teen on the right holding a sword

Dead by Daylight has survivors and killers, while VHS has teens and monsters.

There is a good and evil side, but which game like this doesn't have opposing teams?

Having killers and survivors got Dead by Daylight the opportunity to adapt many licensed characters into the game, and who doesn't like to play with the character they know and love?

Licensed characters are probably not something that happens early on, but it's a far little possibility when thinking about the future.

The teens and monsters concept does have the possibility for adaptation of licensed characters, but if done, I believe it would be around the 1980's era, or at least bringing newer characters to the 1980s.

The teens and monsters and as well the whole 1980s concept works great for the game and from the available media, it has been styled well in-game.

VHS has voice chat

VHS has in-game voice chat, so you can know the game is being thought from the start to be played in a group, and the voice chat brings the solo players to almost the same level of players who are always grouped together.

Dead by Daylight has no in-game voice chat, but voice chat is widely used by the players, while the ones who don't use it often complain about how different the game is when playing solo.

VHS has more gameplay stages

On Dead by Daylight, the gameplay is constantly the same throughout the match, survivors do generators, killers patrol generators, and hook survivors.

On VHS there is a definition of an early, mid, and end game, and the power of the characters will shift.

Monsters are very strong in their early game, but this slowly switches through the game, teens catch up and they are able to fight back.

VHS graphics are a little bit stylized

Facility Lobby on VHS

This is a matter of taste, but a clear difference between both games.

VHS has graphics that are a little bit more stylized towards a cartoon feel.

Dead by Daylight holds a less stylized graphic, focused on realism, and being "dark".

On the minimum requirements, both games are asking for 8GB RAM, a 1GB VRAM graphics card with DirectX 11.

VHS asks for 30GB of storage space, while Dead by Daylight asks for 50GB.

Both games ask for an Intel i3-4170 or AMD-FX8120.

Keep in mind that developers often put higher minimum specifications than needed, to make sure it will run on the user computer, and some won't test different setups just to know what is the de facto minimum requirements to run.

We will know if the graphics or certain other aspect affects the performance once VHS is out and there is player feedback.

Dead by Daylight is cross-platform

You can play Dead by Daylight with players from console or PC, this is great if your friends don't play on the same platform as you.

For now, I couldn't find any information regarding cross-platform support on VHS, while there is controller support if you want to use the controller on a PC.

VHS has less gore

VHS has less gore, its rating is often broader than Dead by Daylight's, although this is country-specific.

If you are a parent concerned with age classifications, VHS is probably the better option.

I cannot say which factors exactly raise Dead by Daylight's age rating up, but it is often rated higher because of extreme violence, while VHS is just rated violence, you could probably find more information on this depending on your country.

Should you give VHS a try?

If you are a fan of Dead by Daylight, enjoy asymmetrical games, or just liked the game overall, it's definitely worth checking it out, it is free after all! 

VHS is currently not out but you can check it on Steam.

You are able to find more information and gameplays about VHS online.

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