What Twitch tags should I use?

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If you just started streaming or didn't look up tags until now, you're probably making it difficult for new people to find your stream if you don't have the correct tags. Your tags should correctly describe your stream using a few words, tags are a way for your target audience to find you, as they are the people who are browsing with the tags, they'll be more likely to stay around and enjoy the content!

If someone wants to watch only Spanish content, why would Twitch show them English channels? This can show how powerful tags are as a simple filtering system, if your channel is missing a tag it should have, it will be filtered out for the people who want that content, and that is bad!

If you don't know, it is good to understand that tags aren't trivial, yes they can be your language or FPS when you're playing a First Person Shooter, but tags can get more specific than that, and knowing how to use tags that your audience will search for is the best way to get the most out of Twitch tags.

How to know what tags to use on Twitch?

It is impossible to list a few tags that you must use, or do any recommendation like that, the difficult thing about getting tags right is that they must be done for your niche or characteristics of your stream.

A good rule of thumb is to mix popular tags with the not popular ones, depending on how you range on viewers, if you're a new streamer still growing on the platform, it may be best for you to try some less popular tags but still, the ones that fit your stream a lot, think about the audience you broadcast for and how they will define a stream to get to you.

The tags with a lot of streamers broadcasting have more competition, the less popular tags may get you a higher search position, while sacrificing some exposure, because some tags have fewer people looking at them, and some are dead.

Finding good tags for your stream

  • Accessing https://www.twitch.tv/directory/all/tags you will have a list with all possible tags.
  • Clicking on the tag will show you who is streaming under that tag, this is the point of view of someone looking to watch that content. Remember that Twitch only filters by viewer number, the higher, the highest position on the category, consider some tags that describe your stream, and take a look at how popular they are.
  • After you have a list of tags, decide which ones you'll use, don't be just focused on tags that would put you in a higher position though, mix it, describe your stream with tags as users can still add multiple of them.

Some tags can have a lot of big streamers streaming them, but when you put these tags together with another still popular tag or category, which maybe isn't used together often, you are listed in the popular game/content category, in the popular tag, and specifically on both together, which may have a lower competition. Silly example: League of Legends + Playing with viewers, a lot of people may be playing League of Legends, and a lot can be playing with viewers, but how many are playing League of Legends with viewers?

League of Legends is a Category, the game you're playing, or the content you're making, which is the main "filter" for content is called a Category, just think about it as the main tag of the current stream. The stream Category is essential to big streamers who have tons of viewers, as they will compete on the first page, but for those with fewer viewers, the category effect on the channel growth can be heavily dependent on the tags put together with that category, unless of course, the category isn't popular.

I can't remove a tag on my Twitch channel

Sometimes your channel may show a tag that you didn't put there, this is mainly due to tags added by Twitch! Tags added automatically are more likely to be things like your language, and they usually have no reason to be removed unless they are wrong for some reason, then you should attempt to contact Twitch support.

Automatically added tags won't affect your limit of five tags, so there is no reason to be concerned about them!

Twitch tags keep resetting

If your tags are gone every time you start a new stream, you're probably streaming more than 72 hours after your last stream, this makes your tags all be gone, to avoid you streaming hours with the wrong tags.

If your streaming schedule has intervals and you only stream the same content with the same tags, you will need to remember to set your tags back. This can look very annoying but think about the viewers, if someone is streaming with the wrong tags, they can have a different perspective to what to expect on the stream, if your stream had back seating allowed for example, and you forgot to change, a user could spoil the fun for others without knowing.

Tags can be a great way of getting new people aboard but don't worry about them too much, it's something you end up figuring out what works by yourself.

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