Where is the Minecraft screenshot folder

Minecraft screenshot showing lake and sun


On Minecraft many moments deserve a screenshot, but where do the screenshots? The answer depends on what is your operational system, Minecraft will store your screenshot in different places depending on your system.

To take a screenshot in Minecraft, simply press the F2 key, if you're on macOS or a different device, press the Fn key and F2 simultaneously.

Java Edition

For Windows, the screenshots are saved in a folder called .minecraft/screenshots, to quickly open it press the Windows key + R key on your keyboard, on the "Run" window that will open, type "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\screenshots" without quotation marks and press enter. That will bring you the folder where your screenshots are stored. The full path for this folder is usually C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots, but that can change depending on your system settings, the Run method is safer.

On macOS, the folder is ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots

On Linux, the folder is ~/.minecraft/ and you may want to show hidden files on your file explorer if you use one.

Bedrock Edition

The Windows 10 Bedrock edition will show a notification with the screenshot location after taking a screenshot, making it easier to locate the folder, if you have problems with that, try to directly access the folder: C:\Users\<your username>\Videos\Captures, as you can see, the screenshots folder for the Bedrock Edition is easier to access, and you can open a folder and click on Videos on the file explorer to find it.

How to take a selfie in Minecraft

There is no built-in "selfie" in Minecraft, this term is used in-game for when you take a screenshot after pressing the F5 key and change the camera to the one that shows your character.

Pressing F5 can switch to the third-person camera mode, which can also be good gameplay-wise. As above, if your device has the Fn key on your keyboard, you may have to press Fn + F2 rather than just F2.

How to take good Minecraft screenshots

  • Depending on what you want to screenshot, it may be a great idea to press F1 to remove the Minecraft HUD, you don't want it taking a good portion of the picture
  • Be quick to press that F2 button as some moments only last a few seconds
  • Use shaders to add more visual elements to the screenshot
  • Use the time command to change the time as you want, for example,/time set 1000 for day or /time set 13000 for night, lighting plays a big role in screenshots, even if you don't use shaders
  • If you would like to play with your editing skills, consider using a chroma key texture! You can do this by either using an existing chroma key texture pack or editing the pack you use to have a green(or any color) texture, the latter is ideal as you will use it with any texture pack you want
  • Turn graphics quality up for when taking screenshots, the same applies to using a more hardware expensive shader that you can't normally use on gameplays
  • Try different resource packs with the same scene, the textures can change the overall screenshot mood in an instant

Best Minecraft textures for screenshots

Minecraft has a big community, and this comes with a lot of user-created content, there are tons and tons of textures that you can choose, for every different style, taking advantage of this is great if you want to give different looks to your screenshots.

Having a few textures packs to try before taking a screenshot can be a great way to achieve good-looking results, knowing this, below are beautiful Minecraft textures available on CurseForge.


Faithful is a great-looking texture pack that doesn't do massive changes to how things look, rather it attempts to improve the quality and style of the original textures.

You can download it at CurseForge.

Dramatic Skys

Dramatic Skys is a resource pack that can add more life to your screenshots, it adds realistic clouds and lighting with no cost to performance.

You can get it on CurseForge.


Clarity is a texture pack that makes everything look great together, looking good with any kind of build your world may have and still looking like Minecraft! You don't need any custom shader to make it look great, but you're welcome to use them.

It's available on CurseForge.

Round Trees

This texture pack adds Round Trees to Minecraft, you just have to put it at the top of your resource pack list, this has advantages over using a mod because of compatibility issues that could happen.

Get Round Trees

UltimaCraft HR

This is a high-resolution stunning texture pack, great if your PC can handle it! The graphics go well with every kind of screenshot and it also has parallax mapping.

Get UltimaCraft

Devorian Steampunk

Stylish high-quality texture pack that looks exceptionally great on modern builds, besides that, the overall look is beautiful and it's also a good all-around pack.

Get Devorian Steampunk

Do I need a texture pack for good screenshots?

You don't need a texture pack or a shader to take good screenshots, and another thing to mention is that looking yourself for a texture pack that better suit your needs can be ideal in some situations when you want to give a different feel to your screenshot, a texture pack that is less popular or similar to the Minecraft can be handy, rather than always going for the realist look.

Remember to have fun, as one could look for days on the texture pack list and never be decided with this big amount of great options while taking a screenshot just takes an F2!

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