Who is Samsung Sam? Is Sam real?

Samsung Sam model holding a phone while smiling

Samsung Sam

Samsung Sam, the quick internet break

Samsung Sam recently breaks the internet as being the new Samsung virtual assistant and a Bixby replacement, but that is not true at all, it was a big misunderstanding that went on and still is around because she blew up quickly, in a way that would make one think that she was the legit new virtual assistant for Samsung phones or website.

Samsung Sam was not more than a concept design created by Lightfarm in partnership with Cheil, a marketing company owned by Samsung, but once the internet got to know her, she was just known as the new virtual assistant, after presented by Lightfarm, Sam rapidly became a very popular meme for around a week and got a lot of artists making... fanart.

Is Samsung Sam just a marketing trick?

Nobody can surely know that, but most likely the character was just a concept as most of us know, the posts were quickly removed after Samsung Sam became a hit on Twitter, Reddit, and other websites and it didn't follow up any official announcement by Samsung, and things already did cool down after some time, Sam is not at the center of the internet anymore but she still is trending.

The trend started on Twitter with a post that claimed the new virtual assistant model to be officially from Samsung, gaining a lot of likes and retweets over the next few days, there it started to grow on other websites. The popularity came together with a lot of artworks from social media users, including adult content, which further promoted the character as a meme.

Can I use Samsung Sam?

As there were no further claims about the character and it remains a history with a lot of doubts, most likely the character will die out and nobody will be able to use it as a virtual assistant, although it is possible to talk to Samsung Sam in Samsung's official Brazil website, it is merely a chatbot.

Maybe Samsung can have plans with the concept after the character broke the internet, a bit late, but not too late, as having Samsung Sam exclusively on a phone model or Samsung devices could be a great idea, talking from a layman perspective in marketing.

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